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The human is a creation masterpiece

Dear Readers,

The human is a creation masterpiece. He is a respectable creature who is equipped with extraordinary qualifications and capabilities. Most of all, the human is created in accordance to achieve spiritual ascension.

Nowadays, the scientists accept the monkeys, which are called Primates as the closest systematic category to the human beings. Furthermore, some of the scientists, who accept the evolutionary theory as an absolute reality, hypothesize that the human was evolved from monkeys. Nobody has a doubt that monkeys are the cleverest animals. But have you ever seen monkeys building a coop with laths?

Allah (swt) has some attributes as being alive [Hayat](life), knowing [Ilim](knowledge), wish and realize them [Iradah](will), being able to cope with [Qudrat](power), seeing [Basar](sight), hearing [Sam], speaking [Kalam](speech), and creating [Takwin]. They are the Subuti Attributes of Allah (swt). I have written about them in my previous articles. Allah created some creatures to have some attributes such as knowing, seeing and hearing even so partially or symbolic. However, these attributes appear in a best way only in the human.

Nowadays, the human kind has been designing projects for tens of years later, constructing big dams, drawbridges of kilometers and buildings having hundreds of storey, building giant ship, planes of hundred tons, hearing the things that are spoken in the most distant part of the world, seeing the furthest place of the universe and keeping informed about world while sitting at their homes.

# The human is caliph of his Rab in the earth

Briefly, the human is now able to create extraordinary work of arts, rule, order, that no other alive creature can make them, and arrange and manage the earth as they wish thanks to the incredible gifts Allah (swt) bestowed him. The earth is not enough for human now so he has been trying to search the space in the last 50 years.

In fact, it is not surprising. All of the developments are the results of the "reason" dimension of the human. The human are created to succeed them. The human is gifted with an excellent ability as "reason" to accomplish them. It is in the creation of human. Allah (swt) created human and bestowed him extraordinary abilities by blowing from His soul. Allah (swt) qualified the human as His caliph in the earth and bestowed the possession of the earth. It is ordered in the verses from the Qur'an that:

"It is He Who hath made you the inheritors of the earth: He hath raised you in ranks, some above others: that He may try you in the gifts He hath given you: for thy Lord is quick in punishment: yet He is indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. [Anaam, 165]

"And He has subjected to you, as from Him, all that is in the heavens and on earth: behold, in that are Signs indeed for those who reflect." [Jathiya, 13]

The real surprising position is the condition of human who perceives life as a game and fun without noticing Allah (swt), his nafs, his value and the divine mission given to him.

# The biggest test of the human

Dear Readers,

The human is really a creation masterpiece and achieves things that are not achieved by any other creatures in the world. However, what makes the human precious before Allah (swt) is not the material success. What makes him precious is his knowing Allah and the spiritual success that makes him human from a non-existence. Adam means not existing. The non-existence is of course not physical. It is the absence of the values that add humanity. The human is freed from being non-existent when he obtains these human values. He has the honor and dignity of being a human.

Being free of non-existence begins with "faith". Faith is the most important second parameter following the "reason" that changes the life of a human.

Imam-ý Rabbani hazrats ordered that "when a person says, "Lailahe illallah" aware of its meaning, a touch of belief occurs in his heart” in his very precious book "Mektubat". All the goodness that brings well-being to him begins with this short word. Therefore, the Messengers gave particular importance to this world.

Rasulullah (s.a.w) ordered that

"The most excellent deed that other Prophets and I recited is Lailahe illallah ." [Tirmizi]

"The most excellent deed is reciting Lailahe illallah" [Hakim]

However, while every human is bestowed the gift of "reason", "faith" is totally left to the will of the human. In fact, "faith" is the biggest test of a human in the world.

If the human comprehends and approves the order he is in and the Creator (Allah) and accepts to obey His orders and rules, the Creator of the order bestows him the divine characteristics as honesty, generosity, justice, patience, mercy and gentleness which will make him a mature person by saving from non-existence. Allah (swt) makes him heedful and gifts him a heart that can comprehend the material and spiritual realities. Allah (swt) makes him peaceful and happy in the world and hereafter and distinguishes him from the other people.

On the other hand, if he hides the truth, denies the existence of Allah (swt), causes dissension and disorder, overrides the rights of others, disturbs them, the owner and Creator of the divine order punishes him as every system owner will do.

"Do no mischief on the earth, after it hath been set in order" [Araf, 56]

"And fear Him Who created you and (Who created) the generations before (you)" [Shuaraa, 184]

Dear Readers, in fact, the divine order is organized such that it will punish this kind of the person in world automatically. Remember how the people, who is arrogant even it is forbidden are isolated by everybody, how the people, who drink alcohol even it is forbidden died by car accidents, and how the parents, who did not teach the rules of Allah to even they had to, were incur the wrath of their children. Without doubt, the punishment of them in the hereafter will be more severe.

Be entrusted to Allah.

About Author Dr. Ismail Ulukus :

Dr. Ismail Ulukus is a former phytopathologist and researcher. He has various articles written on plant diseases. In these days, he has begun to write articles on moral values due to a moral degeneration growing up on all the world. He is publishing now these articles on his blog,  and on his website,  His address:

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Article Added on Thursday, April 16, 2015
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