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Windows of the Soul

Windows of the Soul   by Robert Bruce Baird

People engaged in kissing experience information and energy transfer, although we usually do it for the ‘buzz’ and don’t get into the science or mystique of it. A judgement is made and processed by the Thalami and brain. The Thalami like the Pineal gland are able to amplify all energy inputs and route them to the appropriate place in the brain. Science is now on the verge of seeing what the Third Eye of the ancients knew. To help set the stage for the proper evaluation of information and events that will doubtless fall on many unbelieving minds at times; let me quote Herbert Spencer for you on this point.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

The Thalami are also in charge of the endocrine system and a vital center for the immune system. It is through this psychic organ that healing and the soul operate the greatest magic of life on earth and potentiate the divine potential of each and every human as well as many other lifeforms. All people are psychic and have a responsibility to play a part of God's plan or purpose to harmonize and create. Hopefully when you kiss your sister the hormones won't be allowed to function because of a tabu or blockage. Generally speaking the more alike you are genetically as well as in your brain wavelength ‘fingerprint’ the more affinity and real communication will happen. This research covers many modern disciplines but the most apparent truth is available in the University of Minnesota Twins study.

There are few people today who aren't living in the sociological denial of the materialistic society brought about since the Industrial Revolution. Thus many people will not be able to read this book. Others will allow their interior open-mindedness and belief in ESP or the secret knowledge of their own actual experience to carry them some way towards accepting the 'possibility'; of what they will read about an alchemist (or three).

Included in the make up of planetary systems are entity and event horizons that vary from planet to planet and throughout the universe. These things are clear in the Chaos Theory and astrophysics that has gained momentum since the Hubbell (also spelt Hubble) Telescope took a picture of the center of the 'known' universe in 1999. Superstring Theory and alternate universes or worm holes and affinity channels some call Stargates join the list of the amazing things we must now consider.

The worlds of science are merged with the magic of the past adepts beyond the writings of Nobel Laureates in physics you may have found exciting in your youth, as I did. Wigner, Schrödinger and his cat, Heisenberg 'Observed', and Capra has 'Tao-ed' a lot about the Mandukya Upanishads and S-Matrix math being linked with the I Ching (Tao te Ching). Soon science will know 'The Way' (Tao) made possible by the 'white light'. NEC labs in Princeton, New Jersey produced 300X the speed of light in the summer of 2000, inside a cesium chamber. This was the missing ontological proof required to make evidence of the necessary level required in science for the existence of 'psi phenomena'.

Beyond the wildest imaginations of quantum teleporting (Scientific American April 2000 Cover story) and the Big Bang, is the connection true 'love' brings. Thank you, Buddy Holly! John Lennon has 'Imagine’-d a new mantra for the quantum global village and a post-Modern Age that allows people the leisure time to contemplate what pre-Industrial Age Society already knew. When factories needed people to work long hours at machines they instituted education for all people, so that 'time clocks' could be punched and productivity could be measured. The prior travesties of the Inquisitions and Dark Ages were relaxed in order to enable a greater control over the minds of people. "The past and the future can be changed."

From the Mahabharata to the Iliad we see the hand of higher beings that played god with mere mortals wrapped in their egoistic emphasis on the dross physical senses that greedily take so much energy away from soulful pursuits. Just because time appears linear does not make it any truer than the appearance the eyes of an owl recognizes when it sees in dimensions of energy our more limited eyes cannot capture. Perhaps an even more relevant acquisition technology in the animal kingdom has to do with how insects and birds find their way back to a specific territory or 'home'. Neils Bohr said something like this: - 'A great truth has an opposite which is also true. A trivial truth has an opposite which is false.'

Ninety-five per cent of all the energy in the universe is made up of Dark Energy or Dark Matter. This is a scientific fact recently discovered but not considered in the everyday working world of most academic disciplines. I think there is a good chance that long before Diocles in the second century BCE there were people on earth who understood the harmonic of light a lot better than any until the present day. It is also interesting to see that Arcadia is where the Benjaminites are taken by their Phoenician/Merovingian friends after they are thrown out of Israel. In the second to third century BCE it is also where a Greek named Diocles is working with light and the Harmonic thereof to cause something that today we know can create or be useful if Atomic Fusion. Arcadia is an important clue in Grail research that leads to Nova Scotia and the enigmatic message system in paintings by the likes of Poussin and Teniers.

Lao-Tzu went to the west of his native China as he approached his death; in order to meet the Ancient Adept Masters who we believe are those Red-Heads of the Tarim Basin/Taklamakan Desert/Altaic Mountains near the greatest recent Empire's Khan - Temujin's homeland or birthplace. You can see photos of these 6'6" giants with their witch’s hats in Discovery, National Geographic or The Mummies of Urumchi. The reason they had a pyramidal witch’s hat was to focus cosmic energy to their pineal glands.

Lao-Tzu is one of history's greatest philosophers and religious personages. He knew these adepts had power to affect the Trojan War and all people on earth by means never written because the Verbal Tradition was aware of the dangers of interpreters with partial knowledge and fewer ethical constructs. Today these same hats are called 'dunce caps' as teachers teach the prejudices of ego and power-mongering proselytes and politicians.

Forty other books I’ve done include the reference and archaeologic proof or science that confirms these grossly general statements or personal anecdotes. These books I have written in the last few years have added a great deal to my certainty that man is not able to fully understand the meaning behind the Mayan saying - 'Do not put your Self, in front of YOUR self! - It means an entirely different thing when stated thusly - 'Do NOT put yourself, in front of your SELF!' There are many other ways to play with the emphasis and come up with more insights on the collective soul versus the personality and ego. The Mayans are likely right about the end of this human civilization in 2012 as we see 'terrorism' defined by one side as evil and the other as 'The Great Satan'. Hopefully the coming civilization will include human beings and not just nanobots with human brain contents dumped into them.

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