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Vedic Numerology VIII

Vedic Numerology - Lesson 8

In higher states of Consciousness, many scientific and philosophic truths
were cognised by the sages of India. They wrote it down and these came
to be known as the Vedas. Sciences like Astronomy, Mathematics,
Astrology, Numerology, Gemology -- have their origin in this Encyclopaedia
of the Philosophic Sciences, the Vedas. By Vedas no books are meant.
They are the celestial truths cognised by Seers and which can be cognised
by anyone who cultivate the same spiritual discipline.

Effects of Fadic Number Eight

If the Eigthian is YOU!

( Fadic Number is the number got after adding all the digits comprising your
date of birth ).

Your Numerological Number is 8 and your Life Controller
is Saturn. People misunderstand them and because of that
they suffer mentally and become loners. They are people with
great individuality and depth in learning. If religious they
will take to Religion in a great manner. In order to win arg-
uments they destroy the opposition verbally and create a lot
of secret enemies.

They have great sympathy for the oppressed and show a lot
of laziness and lack of enthusiasm. They are extremists; that
is they are either very successful or great failures. There
is no middle course for them. These people always aspire for
greatness, strive for leadership and sacrifice their personal
comforts to maintain the high posts earned by them as a resu-
lt of their laborious endeavours. Anyway 8 is not a lucky nu-
mber; they will have to bear great ills, losses and humiliati-
ons.The ancient Greeks called this number the Number of Just-

Their best days are 8 17 & 26. If 4 13 22 31 coincide with
Saturday Sunday & Monday these days become very auspicious
Their best jewel is Blue Sapphire.It is very good for them if
they wear this stone.

The number 8 is made up of two circles and is the sum of 2
4's. This was considered to be the great decision of Universal
Law which rules races and individuals. Saturn is also known
as the Planet of Destiny. It has relevence to both material
and spiritual aspects of Life. Revolution, Anarchy earthqua-
kes and all sorts of evil and uncommon events are represented
by this number. On the other hand Philosophy, Religious Fer-
vour, One-pointedness of Mind, determination - all these are
also represented by this number.They feel that they are diff-
erent from the rest and therefore unique. They lack happiness
People always misunderstand them. They also fail to reap the
good actions they have done in this life. But even then they
are admired after a long time.

George Bernard Shaw, King Alphonsa of Spain & Queen Mary were
born like you under this number and it will not be suprising
if anyone identifies similar characteristics in you.

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Personality Overview

Controller of Life - SATURN

You are ruled by the ringed planet Saturn. He is the planet
of Justice, Destiny and Retribution. He represents destruct-
ion and regeneration. Great patience and perseverance are im-
parted by him. This melancholy planet is responsible for the
verdict imposed by Destiny.

As you are saturnine (melancholic) by temparament you will
be attracted to Literature and Philosophy. Great poets and
literatuers always had a saturnine background (Dante and Shaw)
Concentration and contemplation are represented by Saturn.
Contemplative Life will absorb you in its entirety.

You are cool and analytical when it comes to rational think-
ing. You are also a master where shrewdness and business ins-
ight is called for.

Your philosophical outlook on life will save you from many
worries and anxieties.

Your main drawback is that you become too fatalistic ignoring
the power of free-will.

You are always misunderstood by others. You endorse the prin-
ciple " to be great is to be misunderstood ".

You always carry your cross consecrating yourself to the Div-
ine even when the verdict of men and Fate go against you. Your
life is always marked by strife and struggle.

Even if you become successful you have to pay a heavy price
for it. You have to live laborious days to attain fame and name.

In Vedic Astrology Saturn is the significator of Sorrow of the Cosmic
Man, the sorrow inherent in the act of Manifestation. He is also the
Mokshkaraka or significator of Liberation. Along with Jupiter and Ketu ,
Saturn play a promiment part in the native attaining to

A powerfully posited Saturn is preferable from the perspective of
Nirvana. Saturn rules over three constellations of the Sidereal
Zodiac, Delta Cancri ( Pushya), Delta Scorpii ( Anuradha ), Gamma
Pegasi & Alpha Andromeda ( Utharabhadra ).

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An Analytical Review

The zodiac sign representing this number is Capricorn.
( Do not confuse this with the birthsign in Astrology )
Capricornians are generally philosophers. They love the secr-
ets of Nature and are ready to sacrifice their life for their
chosen ideology.

Capricornians are fatalists. They believe that everthing is
divinely ordained and all events have a purpose behind it.
Amor fati ( Love of Fate ) is the core of their nature.

People under the influence of this constellation are great
democrats and believe in the dignity of labour.

In a life marked by struggle and suffering the fortitude of
the Capricornian is indeed surprising. Temperance is another
virtue imparted by this constellation.

Negative Aspect
Saturn is the planet of suffering and he can make you carry
the cross for a longish time. He will test your patience. He can
create obstacles and hindrances and barriers to success make you


Neelanjana Samanabham
Raviputram Yamagrajam
Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham
Tham Namami Sanaishwaram

This mantra if recited 108 times daily can ward off the afflictions
arising from Saturn. This is the moola sloka of Saturn.

In Vedic Gemology, Saturn represents Blue Sapphire.( Saner Neelam).
Wearing this stone on a Shukla Paksha Saturday ( fifteen days after
the New Moon ) will enhance the luck of the Eightians.

Lucky Colour Dark Blue
Lucky Stone Blue Sapphire
Lucky Days of the Week Saturday
Lucky Day 17 8 26
Lucky Month June

If you wear these stones and colours as per the dictums
of Vedic Numerology you stand to benefit a great deal as
the malefic rays of planets are neutrallised by gems.

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In Transcendental Philosophy the Number Eight is considered very sacred.
In Indian Mythology, there are Ashta Aishwaryas( eighfold prosperity).
Wisdom is prosperity, wealth is prosperity,courage is prosperity, children
represent prosperity etc Ashta Vasus represent the eightfold prosperity.
This is also the symbolism behind Ashta Lakshmi.( the eight aspects of the
Goddess of Prosperity).

Yoga is eightfold - Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana,
Dhyana & Samadhi. Yama and Niyama deal with rules and regulations , Asana
deals with physical fitness, Pranayama is breath control, Pratyahara is
withdrawal into the Self from the sensory world, Dharana is Concentration,
Dhyana is Meditation and Samadhi is Cosmic Consciousness.

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Astronumerology as related to Religion & Philosophy

Saturnine Influence on Jesus

Jesus was born with Virgo rising, Jupiter, Moon and Saturn in Pisces,
indicating the Messiah willing to bear the Cross of Golgotha. His number
was 888 which when added gives us 24 and 2+4 = 6, the number of Venus,
the planet of Love. The prophet of Love was indeed the embodiment of
the goddess of Love, Venus. Saturn, the significator of sorrow and
liberation,along with Jupiter aroused in Him the desire to redeem the
world through Universal Love. His suffering life & martyrdom all smacks
of Saturnine influence. Other divine personalities - Tagore, Aurobindo &
Vivekananda also had a profound Saturnine influence in their natal

In the next article we will deal with the Nineians - those who are ruled by
the planet of materiality or Man, Mars.
About Author G Kumar :

Article by G Kumar, Astrologer, writer & programmer of <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association Global ( <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his free informative Ezine, the Z Files His Astro blog is up at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> & his Philosophy blog is <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Mobile 091 9388556053

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