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The Great Pyramid of Iesa Intro Part One

The Great Pyramid of Iesa - Intro - Part One   by Robert Bruce Baird

We have been led to believe all manner of lies by the hellenizing Empires called ‘civilized’ as they have trashed those who colonized them. The ancients of many races built the world and the technologies upon which these Empires have fed like carrion crows. The only thing that is Classical about History is the standard operating procedure of propaganda. It is a ‘classic’ fraud. I have done over thirty books with the primary purpose of making the soul of man and life on earth a little less obfuscated by those who seek to enslave us or empower only the few in a Platonist hierarchy designed by Nobles. We are told the Great Pyramid is built to honor Cheops and yet there is no evidence of that other than his cartouche outside with the reconstruction gang’s graffiti. In fact there is reason to doubt such a person ever existed just as we are seeing so many scholars come to know that Jesus is an amalgam at best. But the concepts and living word of Jesus are alive and still seen in the Great Pyramid.

Sages like Pythagoras learned a great deal from this library in stone. But he did not learn all of the secrets and I will not dare say I know them all either. True wisdom never was captured in words and the average ancient person did not even have a writing alphabet and often could not form all the vowels in their speech. Plato observed the advent of writing caused a decrease in disciplined learning.

There are many tragic stories in the course of the designed deceit called history. There are many heroes who have kept the wisdom and symbology or triads thereof alive. The Great Pyramid does more than merely symbolize the connection of Heaven, Earth and Man. It is more than some Triune Nature of Man allegory or metaphor. It actually once functioned as a kind of machine; we shall see many good people are discovering more than this improbable possibility.

The Homeric scholars including Schliemann have found some things like Troy to prove the myth was not all mere fiction. This continues to the present day in even more fascinating ways due to satellite technology as well as a weakening grip of Biblical intrigues or religious suppression. In the final analysis it is my sincere hope that people will become more spiritual and able to appreciate their religious icons were far more than the interpreters who used their image and good works. I am of the belief that when Homer wrote about ‘the underworld’ he was writing about North America and I know for certain that these people knew the earth was a sphere and had means to map and travel throughout the whole world since long before Homer.

"Centre of the Earth's Land Mass, etc.

This is an important concept and I will explain to the best of my ability. It will be easier to appreciate somewhat better the truly significant placement of the Giza complex.

First let's consider two squares. One is 100 square units (miles, kilometres, or whatever) in area, the other twice as large, 200 square units in area.

{He illustrates two squares with pyramids on top from an overhead perspective with a line connecting the centre points or apex of the pyramids. Under the smaller square are 10 units and under the larger square is the figure 14.85 units. The 100 and 200 unit figures as mentioned are further repeated further under these two squares.}

We will find their respective centres by drawing diagonals. Where the diagonals intersect is the centre of each square. Together, these squares represent three units of the largest common denominator--100 square miles. So we'll draw a line, divided equally into three parts, between the centres of the two squares. Since one square is twice the size of the other, we will mark off two of the equal parts towards the larger square. This is the centre of their combined areas, given their distance apart. If they were closer together, or further apart, the point would fall elsewhere. Please note that this point is above the centre of the small square but below the centre of the larger one. It is a true geometric centre of the two areas that are separated by this given and arbitrary distance.

It is possible to ascertain the area of an irregular shape, although it is much more difficult to do than using squares.

The largest continent, Eurasia, happens to be about twice the land area of the American continents. These continents are separated by oceans. One can divide the separation into three equal parts, just as above, and find the 'centre of these two land masses.'

Taking this point, we can calculate Africa into the picture the same way. Africa is about 25% the area of Eurasia and the Americas combined. Therefore, the distance from Africa's geographic centre to the Eurasia-Americas' centre will be divided into five equal parts (i.e. the '4' represented by Eurasia-Americas, and the '1'(25%) represented by Africa's area). Marking off four of these five divisions towards the Eurasia-Americas’ centre, since this centre represents a combined land mass four times as large as Africa, will yield a new point, which is geometric, in this case 'geographic', centre of Eurasia-Americas-Africa combined. If we continue this process with the remaining large and small land masses--Antarctica, Australia, Greenland, New Guinea, Java, Sumatra, etc. --we will eventually arrive at a 'centre of the earth's land masses.' It will be as accurate as our method, plus the arbitrary inclusion of ever smaller islands, will make it.

A meticulous calculation of such a 'centre' will result in a point directly on the meridian (longitude) of the Great Pyramid but 6' (minutes) south of the Great Pyramid--but there's only sand in that location. The Giza Plateau is the first solid bedrock on the correct meridian {And Archaeology Magazine had the temerity to suggest the builders were merely imitating natural landforms with the Sphinx and Pyramid in last months issue.}. It is 6' in error from the true centre.

Sixty seconds of 101.3 English feet = l' (minute) of arc, 6080 feet on the equator = 1 nautical mile, whereas one 'common' or 'highway' ('statute') mile equals 5280 English feet. A nautical 'knot' is one nautical mile (6080 English feet) per hour of time; it is a unit of speed measurement, not of static distance.

Sixty minutes = 1 degree of arc, or 60 nautical miles at the equator. The Earth's equatorial circumference contains 360 degrees or 21,600 nautical miles = 24,872.73 common or statute miles.

All this sounds deceptively precise! In fact, of course, standardization of the length of the English foot, and therefore of seconds, minutes and degrees of arc, was not accomplished until the 1750s--and the size of the Earth was not measured correctly at that time. Just as the French Academy made an error in fixing the length of the metre, which was supposed to be one ten-millionth part of the surface distance from the Earth's equator to either pole, because they couldn't measure the Earth accurately, so also the British Admiralty made inaccurate geographic measures. Nonetheless, these measures remain accurate enough for most practical purposes. Nowadays, units of measure are fixed by correlation to electromagnetic wave-lengths {Could the ancients have been able to attune with Gaia's earth energy grid and send signals along it to record the time taken for a bounce back or echo?}. Since 1966, for example, the metre has been fixed as a division of the wave-length of Krypton 86.

A glance at the U. S. A. F. 'Azimuthal Equidistant Projection' Map of the world {see illustration in our illustrations section} will show that it is centred 'near Cairo'--i.e., at the centre of the earth's land masses, as calculated above, and precisely on the meridian of the Great Pyramid-- but 36,480 English feet south of the Great Pyramid at the true centre, which falls in an area of sand. A property of Azimuthal Equidistant Projection is that a circle drawn around any given point will have a circumference incorporating points of geography that are truly equidistant from the centre of the circle--the airplane or ship. This is not the case with large-scale maps drawn on the common Mercator projection, which gives accurate longitudes and latitudes of all geography but must distort the polar regions in order to do so. It is also not the case with the Phillips projection, used by the UN, which shows the land area of countries in true proportion to each other but must distort the longitudes and latitudes near the equator in order to do so. These distortions arise from the problem of transferring the curved surface of a spherical Earth onto a flat piece of paper--the best that can be done is to know, and to choose, the kind of distortion that best serves any given need.

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