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Love is in the air-Science too!
Love is in the air-Science too!   by K.A.CassimallyAh… love! What a wonderful thing. The meaning of life itself, isn’t it? Artists, poets and play writers have made the greatest progress in humanity’s understanding of love. So what’s love doing in a science column? Well lately scientists have managed to get themselves included in the restricted group of love-explainers.Scientists now think that love is nothing else but a series of chemical reactions in people.If you are in love with someone...

How strange! The sky is blue!
How strange! The sky is blue!   by K.A.CassimallyLook up! Just do it. What do you see? Stupid question, eh? You see the ceiling of course. When you look upwards during a sunny day while picnicking however, you see the blue sky. Ever wondered why the sky is not green nor but blue?Before answering this question, let’s go back to the basic physics of light. Sorry, but here I go…Light is a kind of energy, which travels in waves. In fact, light is a wave of vibrating electric and magnetic fields....

I saw a(n) UFO!
I saw a(n) UFO!   by K.A.CassimallyIt all happened at the beach, few months ago. My uncles, my dad and myself were in a conversation, which quite amazingly resulted in talking about Mars. Being the family’s astronomy expert, I pointed to the red dot in the sky. My uncles looked up and laughed afterwards.“Just because we’re nuts in astronomy, doesn’t mean we are idiots!”Well they were idiots in this particular case. Mars was truly there; up in the night sky. The second time I tilted my head 75o...

The future of the Human Species - Part 4: Will we create our future?
The future of the Human Species - Part 4: Will we create our future?   by K.A.CassimallyExperiments have shown that human physiology becomes very weak in an unknown environment to the brain. Humans then start to panic. Problem is that humans do not necessarily want to show their uncertainty. So they hide it. When they actually hide this uncertainty, humans start to get stressed and this is the big problem.When we get stressed, we become moody and cannot concentrate on what we are doing....

The future of the Human Species - Part 3: How do we engineer an Earth-like environment?
The future of the Human Species - Part 3: How do we engineer an Earth-like environment?   by K.A.CassimallyThe process of making an unearthly world more earth-like for the purpose of supporting human life is called teraforming - Steven Wintergerst.Teraforming Mars is the only way we, humans can live and reproduce thus starting all over again on the red planet. As stated above, teraforming transforms any world unlike Earth into an inhabitable place for humans. Of course we cannot convert...

The future of the Human Species - Part 2:Where next?
The future of the Human Species - Part 2:Where next?   by K.A.CassimallyMany scientists are currently exploring the idea of going to live on Mars. Mars is the nearest planet to Earth and scientists actually think that the red planet resembled our Earth some million years ago. Some other scientists from the NASA Ames Center have already started the creation of a ‘Mars town’ and many others are in fact already experimenting it. Of course, these experiments are done on Earth itself but this ‘Mars...

The future of the Human Species - Part 1: Are we in danger?
The future of the Human Species - Part 1: Are we in danger?   by K.A.CassimallyThe sun, that celestial body which has always fascinated the human species, which differentiates night and day, which when angry, produces the fascinating auroras, is father to us all: humans, animals and plants. The sun is the father of life on Earth! But similarly to giving life, it will also take it away. This will be life’s doomsday. No way can we escape from this if we stay put.How do we escape? Where do we...

A spring called: Drop of water
A spring called: Drop of water   by K.A.CassimallyDo you know what happens when a drop of water hits a non-absorbent surface? Yeah you’re right (if you don’t have the answer, please re-read the title of this column), the drop bounces upwards.A French scientific team from the Collge de France have studied the scene carefully with a camera that took 40000 images per second. Here are the results:At first, when it hits the surface, the drop flattens. Then, it bounces up due to the movement energy...

Walls can cool themselves!
Walls can cool themselves!   by K.A.CassimallyI always start my column with a question. So why break away with tradition now?Would you believe that walls can cool themselves when they get hot? (Actually that’s 2 questions at the beginning of this column!) Many of you, if not all of you will answer a simple and flat, ‘NO’. I would have said so too until I read it with my own eyes (I didn’t actually see these walls with my own eyes, no).The BASF company announced in mid-year that it had managed...

Space Pollution
Space Pollution   by K.A.CassimallyI bet you haven’t ever wondered about pollution of space. Yes, man started polluting space ever since Yuri Gangarin (first man in space) saw Earth in its entirety.Earth is not only orbited by satellites but also by paint particles, pieces of glass and even apparatus used by astronauts in the past. These may be small (that’s what we think – I mean maybe there’re not) but note that if ever a spanner were to hit an astronaut’s face shield, the latter would break...

Asteroid Attack
Asteroid Attack   by K.A.CassimallyEarth, ‘our mother planet’, is being attacked everyday by about 25 tons of dust and sand-sized particles. An asteroid, the size of a small car, hits Earth’s atmosphere about once in every year.Fortunately she knows how to defend herself. When that small car-sized asteroid enters her atmosphere, she burns the asteroid up before the latter touches her surface. So no damage is done.But what exactly are asteroids? Asteroids are fragments from the formation of the...

Harry Potter and the Moons of Jupiter
Harry Potter and the Moons of Jupiter   by K.A.CassimallyIt is in the latest Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, that readers get the confirmation that the ‘Boy who lived’ is indeed interested in a science that even some Muggles are good at: Astronomy, the study of celestial objects, of space and of the physical universe as a whole. Maybe the awful Dursleys did do some good things with Harry when they let the wizard, who did not yet know he was one, learn...

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