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Betta Popeye - Could the Quality of Water in the Tank Influence Your Betta Fish's Eyesight?
As the owner of a betta, popeye is a bacterial infection that you need to be cognizant of. Popeye is an eye infection in which the fish's eyes appear to bulge, or "pop" out. Popeye is caused by the accumulation of fluid either inside the eye or behind the eye, in the socket, causing the eye to bulge out. The causes of popeye include: - Bacterial infections - Viruses - Parasites - Water nitrogen supersaturation (gas bubble disease) - Poor water quality - Tumors - Internal...

Betta Swim Bladders - How to Prevent and Cure Betta Swim Bladder Disorder
What are the indications that your betta fish is affilicted with betta swim bladder disorder? Bloated underbelly. No fish droppings in the tank. Betta swim bladder disorder is your fish's inability to maintain itself in an upright position, due to an enlarged swim bladder caused by constipation. The most common cause of betta swim bladder disorder is overfeeding. Betta fish are highly sensitive to overfeeding. Your betta fish's stomach is only about the same size as one of its...

Betta Fish Fin Rot - Is Betta Fish Fin Rot Reversible?
Betta fish fin rot is a bacterial infection that causes the fins and the tail of your fish to deteriorate. They appear to look rotten and discolored. A normal betta fish should have vibrant colors, and the tail and fins should be fully extended and flowing in the water. The number one cause of betta fish fin rot is substandard water conditions. Let's review the basics of how your aquarium's water can get dirty: - You aren't changing your fish's water frequently enough. - You don't...

Betta Fish Dropsy - What Is Dropsy?
Betta fish dropsy musn't be taken lightly. If left untreated, it can be fatal. Betta dropsy is a symptom of an internal problem, such as a bacterial infection. The Symptoms: - Significant bloating and swelling throughout the fish's entire body. - The betta's scales are standing upright and erect, upwards from the body, rather than lying flat against the body like they are supposed to. This creates what is commonly referred to as a "pine cone look". The Causes: The most typical...

Betta Fungus - How to Tell If Your Betta Has Contracted a Fungal Infection
Betta fungus can be caused by many factors, the most typical of which is a filthy habitat. Because your betta fish swims in a self-contained ecosystem with a finite quantity of water, plants, rocks, and square footage, you need to realize that your fish breathes, excretes, drinks, and sees through the water you place him in. So as the water becomes contaminated and saturated with excrement, leftover food, and as the rocks start eroding, as the plants start decaying, and the fish is...

Betta Diseases - Does Your Betta Indicate Any of These Symptoms?
When it comes to betta diseases, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The following is a list of the most common betta diseases: - Fungus - If your fish has white patches all over its body and head, and he is behaving generally lethargic, lazy, and inactive, spending most of his time resting at the bottom of the tank, and not showing any interest in food, then your betta may have a fungal infection. - Rotting tail or fins - If your betta's tail / fins are...

Betta Fish Illness - How Could You Recgonize If} Your Fish Has Been Stricken With an Illness?
How can} you tell if your fish has been stricken with a betta fish illness? - Your betta is mostly docile and inactive - Your betta is unresponsive to stimuli - Your betta's body shows signs of deterioration, discoloration, uneven skin texture, ruptured fins, or even bloating. - Your betta isn't interested in food. What are some examples of betta fish illness? - Fungal Infection - Patches of white on the body or on the head, along with discolored fins and tail. The fish may be...

My Beta Fish Won't Eat - Is Your Beta Fish Sick Or Just Not Hungry?
So your beta fish won't eat? It may be a sign of an illness. Below are some of the most common illnesses of which one of the symptoms is that your beta fish won't eat: - Fungal infection - If you can see white patches all over its body and head, and your fish is generally inactive, resting at the bottom of the tank, barely showing interest in food, then it may have a fungal infection. - Rotting tail / rotting fin - If your fish's fins or tail show signs of deterioration and its body...

Betta Fish Swollen Eye - Causes and Cures For Betta Fish Swollen Eye Syndrome
A common bacterial infection that affects betta fish, swollen eye syndrome, also commonly known as to as "pop-eye", can be a symptom of a more serious internal problem. Basically, it is caused by the accumulation of fluid either in the eye or behind the eye, in the socket, which cause the eye to bulge out. Among the many causes of betta fish swollen eye include: - Bacterial infections - Viruses - Parasites - Water nitrogen supersaturation (gas bubble disease) - Poor water quality -...

Betta Fish Not Eating? 4 Immediate Steps You Can Take to Get Your Betta Interested in Food Again
Should you be worried if you find your betta fish not eating any of the food that you feed it? You can probably let it go if your fish doesn't immediately stop what it's doing and rush up to the surface to eat right away. But what if you find your betta fish not eating at all, ignoring the food, even though it knows that it is there? Perhaps your fish is spitting up the food right after chewing on it. Perhaps it just looks at the food and swims right past it. If that happens once in a...

Betta Fish Sickness - What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Betta Fish is Sick
What should you do if you have a suspicion that your betta is suffering from some sort of betta fish sickness? The first thing you absolutely should do is to take all of the necessary actions to clean your fish's habitat, if you suspect that it may not be clean. Change the water. Replace or clean the rocks and the plants. Make sure the water temperature is optimal for your fish. Make sure that the aquarium / bowl is clean. Secondly, you will need to assess your fish's eating habits to...

Betta Fish Dying
Is your beta fish dying? Would you want to know if your fish has a fighting chance at pulling through, turning things around, and regaining its health or not? Fortunately, most beta fish illnesses can be cured. Time is on your side, as long as you take immediate action to set things straight and nurse your fish back to health. I know, from personal experience, how heart-wrenching and painful it can be to see your beta suffer. But I'm here to tell you that you don't need to be planning...

Betta Illnesses - How To Ward Off Betta Fish Illnesses
Most forms of betta illnesses can be avoided if you diligently take these necessary precautions: 1. Your fish's habitat is clean and comfortable for its optimal health, vitality, growth, and hygiene, and is free of any bacteria or other contaminants. 2. Your fish's diet is well-rounded and consists of all the essential nutrients required for proper growth, and is free of any parasites or bacteria. 3. Your fish is safe and secure, free of any pain, discomfort, or stresses caused by...

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