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How To Make Up Front Cash Generating MLM Leads

<p align="Justify">How To Make Up Front Cash Generating MLM Leads By Selling Moneymaking Reports By Mail!

This report, "How To Make Up Front Cash Generating MLM Leads By Selling Moneymaking Reports By Mail!" is one of 15 reports contained in our set of reports titled, "How to Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE. . .By Mail!." If you have not ordered the complete reprintable set, I urge you to do so immediately, so you can take full advantage of this program.

As explained in our report, "How To Build A Massive Moneymaking MLM Machine By Mail . . .On A Shoe String Budget At Home!" the most important objective in running a mailorder business is to develop your customer base. You can then generate repeat business from your customers. Selling reports may be one of the easiest and fastest ways to do this.


Selling reports by mail is one of the safest and most profitable ways to start and operate your own mailorder business. They are easy to promote and you can generate repeat business by including other sales literature when you send out the reports to your customer. The literature goes postage free since it is being sent with the report. That way, you can develop a solid customer base that buys over and over from you. If you are promoting a MLM program, the MLM MACHINE series will automatically generate leads for you! There are many advantages in selling reports by mail, and a few of them include:

1. They Have A High Profit!

When you sell reports, you are selling information. Valuable information! The person that buys these reports will place value on the information that he is getting. If he pays $2.00 for a 2 or 4 page report, he is not thinking how much it is costing you to reproduce it. Instead, he is looking at the value of information that he is getting. Therefore, if you can print or copy a 4 page report for 10 to 20 cents, and you sell it for $2.00, your profit margin is 10 to 20 times your cost.

In the mailorder business, you need to have a high profit margin on your orders to pay for your advertising and mailing costs. You should be selling your products for at least 3 times your cost. Five times is better, and 10 times is excellent. Therefore, selling reports can be a good core business.

2. Easy To Promote

Since you can sell reports on just about any subject, you can generate interest from a wide range of people. As you will see later in this report, you can use just about any mailorder method available to you to effectively promote and sell reports.

3. Low Up Front Cost

There are actually hundreds of reprintable reports available that you can buy and then reproduce them yourself. In these cases, you become the publisher! Your cost is minimal to buy these reports, and your reproduction costs are pennies.

4. Little Inventory Required

Since you can reproduce reports as you sell them, there is no need to buy or reproduce quantities of these reports and store them. Again, your initial cost to get started is minimal.

5. Grow At Your Own Rate

You can start a business selling reports literally on a shoe string budget. As your business gets bigger, you can add more reports to your offering. You also may want to sell books by mail.

6. Shipping Costs Are Minimal

Since you are selling "ink on paper" you can generally mail a $2.00 report with a simple envelope and one stamp. It doesn't get much simpler.

7. Easy To Get Repeat Business

When you fill an order, you can easily include a circular offering other reports. Since many reprintable reports are offered in a set that sells for $10 to $20, your repeat business can be quite substantial.

8. Good Way To Generate MLM Leads

If you are participating in MLM program(s), you know that generating good qualified leads is the life line of your business. Since you can sell moneymaking type reports, the people who buy from you are excellent candidates for your MLM programs as well. By promoting reports, you can easily generate 100's to even 1,000's of leads per month!

9. Sell Your Name List

If you are serious about starting and operating a mailorder business, you will want to rent or sell the names of people who write to you. If, you say, generate 10,000 names, you can earn a nice side income. Name lists generally are rented for $30 to $70 a 1,000. If you rent your 10,000 name list, 20 times a year for $50, your income for 10,000 names would be 10 x 20 x $50 = $10,000. not a bad side income!

10. Perfectly integrated With Cross Pollination Techniques

And lastly, if you are selling the MLM MACHINE set of reports, you will agree that you have a solid coherent plan to quickly expand your highly profitable business by starting with reprintable reports. Refer to report, "How to Use Amazing CROSS POLLINATION Methods To Earn Up Front Cash While Building An Explosive, Infinitely Deep Down-line!"

How To Sell Reports By Mail

Now that we have covered why you should sell reports by mail, let's now show you exactly how to do it. You can sell either single reports or a set of reports, and the method varies slightly for each approach.

1. Use Tiny Classified Ads To Generate Leads

Did you ever notice those tiny classified ads in the back of nationally distributed magazines? Did you ever wonder what was really being sold? Almost always, these are mailorder dealers selling either books or reports! Most of these ads sound exciting and you can normally send for FREE details! If the mailorder dealer is selling a book, you will normally get a cover letter, a brochure, a return envelope and an order form. To break even, or to make a little, the mailorder dealer must be selling a book or service that will sell between $10 and $30.

You can use this same approach to sell a SET of reports. The MLM MACHINE set of reports is very good for this. You simply place an ad in one or more magazines that says something like this, "Sell Moneymaking Reports By Mail!" FREE details! Your Name, Address. The cost of generating this kind of lead will vary from magazine to magazine, and how well you write your ad. But for a rough rule of thumb, you can expect the lead cost to be from 20 cents to $1.00. About 50 cents is the norm. In other words, if you place an ad for $100, you probably can expect to get 100/.5 = 200 leads.

Refer to our report, "Where To Place Tiny, Inexpensive Classified Ads That Pull Like Crazy! Over 100 National Magazines With Cost/ Circulation Ratio!" If you are going to advertise in national magazines, you want to get the maximum circulation for each dollar you spend. This report lists the best magazines with their cost versus circulation! Therefore, you can see immediately which magazines offer the best value.

Be aware of the economics of promoting your reports in this fashion. You not only have the cost of advertising, but you have the cost of printing your literature and sending it out to your leads. It works something like this. Let's say you spend $100 for ads and let's assume your cost is $.50 for each lead. That means you will get 200 leads - right? Let's assume that you include a one page cover letter, a one page brochure (circular on the MLM MACHINE), a return envelope, plus your mailing envelope. That will cost you about 10 cents worth of printing. Add $.29 for a postage stamp. Now with total promotional cost is $.50 + $.10 + $.29 =$.89 for each lead that you generate.

Your total cost so far is $.89 x 200 leads = $178. If you make about $22 for each order you get, you will have to sell $178/$22 = 8 or about 8 sets of reports to break even. That's 8/200 = 4.0% closure rate. That can be done. Most mailorder dealers will shoot for 8 to 15% closure rate. If you get 8%, you will have more than doubled your money!

And don't forget the repeat business! When you sell the MLM MACHINE package, you are automatically advertising your other services. In that regard, you may choose to include more circulars or details on your other offers. A personal letter of thanks will go along way in generating repeat business!

2. Use Classified Ads To Sell Directly

If you have a product or service that sells for less than $4 or $5, you can sell this directly by using a classified ad. The higher the price, the fewer orders that you can generally expect to get. A $2 price tag has proven over the years to be generally the best. Therefore, you can advertise any of the reprintable reports and sell them directly for $2! As with all mailorder offerings, you will want to test and retest to see what works best for you.

The "Flagship" offering in the MLM MACHINE set of reports is the report, "How To Make Money With Postcards . . .65 Easy Postage FREE Moneymaking Methods Revealed!" Making money by mailing out postcards and circulating mini-flyers are easy and anyone can immediately see that they can do it in their spare time. Did you ever see those ads that offer big money for stuffing envelopes? They must pull a lot of leads since there are several companies advertising it. And they have been doing it for years and years. People like things that are easy and simple to do. That's why the postcard offering is good. It also makes good business sense. When you get an order for the postcard report and the Wealth Builder's Program reports, these reports explain this program and the basics of MLM. If you then include a copy of the MLM MACHINE circular, you have an excellent chance to sell the MLM MACHINE reports at $25.00. To use this method, just place an ad like this in your selected magazine(s),

How To Make Money With Postcards - 65 Postage FREE Ways Revealed! $2.00; Your name, Address.

If you use classified ads, you can use the wording we have suggested, or you can write your own. You can buy many books on the subject. In fact,you can buy many at discount prices through our #2 recommended MLM programs. See our report #10.

3. Sell Directly Through 1" Space Advertising

There are 100's of small mailorder type publications that you can get your ad inserted for $10 or less. Many will run your ad for $1 or $2! this is an exciting way to start since you can promote any of the reports contained in the MLM MACHINE. Also, you will get checking copies of all the publications that will show you what offers the other mailorder dealers are promoting. You can then write to the other 100's of people that advertise and offer your reports. If you like, just send them a postcard!

If you have used the classified approach described above, and you have found magazines that are really working well for you, now is the time to consider a 1" space ad! These magazines circulate to 100,000's of people! Just think how many orders you might get!

4. Use the Postcard or Mini-flyer as Space Advertising

The postcard copy is designed so that it also can be used for space advertising. That is, it can be used for a space ad that is 3" x 2" columns. As you will see in the small mailorder magazines, there are 100's of 1" ads, so your large postcard ad will stand out. In that way, nearly everyone getting the publication will see your ad.

5. Use Full Page Advertising

If you can afford it, the circular on the MLM MACHINE can be used as a full page advertisement. I recommend using the mailorder type publications for this. Depending on the publication, you can expect to pay $50 to $1,000 per page. But you will instantly get orders for the entire MLM MACHINE PACKAGE. This is the primary method that this program was initially promoted. If you place a full page advertisement, you can be sure that anyone reading the publication WILL see your advertisement. If you spend about $200 on a publication that is circulated to about 10,000 people, your cost per person is only 2 cents! Can you think of any quicker more cost effective way to get your message out to thousands of people?

6. Use Print & Mail Services

There are dozens if not 100's of companies that will print and mail your circulars for pennies each! These companies are generally all printers who offer "BIG MAILS." Here is how that works. These companies will advertise offering "BIG MAILS" that are full of offers that sell for $1 or $2. When you send your $2 to them, they will send to you, by bulk mail, various circulars from their customers, adsheets and offers of their own. That way, they make a few bucks for selling the BIG MAIL package, and make money for charging people like you for sending out their circulars. Since you can have 1,000 circulars printed and mailed for only $20 to $50, this is a quick and easy way to get started.

If you are interested in using Print & Mail services, you will find a listing of these companies in our report, "Directory Of Mailorder Services and Supplies."

7. Use Personal Postcard Mailings

Mail To Your Warm Inner Circle! This is probably the easiest, fastest and most effective way to sponsor new people. Sit down and make a listing of all the people you know that you think might be interested in this program. There are estimates that the typical person knows about 800 other people!

We all have a few personal friends and associates that might be interested in this program. Write a little personal note on the front side of a postcard that says something like this, "John, I thought you might be interested in this. It's a great program!" Your name. You are NOT imposing on your friends when you do this. You are simply inviting them to respond back to you if they are interested. A personal mailing like this will out pull anything else that you can do. There is just nothing like getting a personal note from a friend! If he is interested, he can order the report or call you and talk to you about it. After all, if you can earn serious money in this program, wouldn't you expect your friends to let you know about this kind of opportunity? I bet you would! This technique works!

8. Circulate Postcards & Mini-flyers Locally - Postage Free!

Now this has to be one of the quickest most cost effective ways to get started. If you don't agree, read and study our report, "How To Make Money With Postcards. . .65 Easy Postage FREE moneymaking methods Revealed!" If you like, you can even make "mini" circulars of the postcards to keep your costs down even lower.

More Ways To Consider!

Use Card Packs. Did you ever receive a stack of postcards in the mail that has all kinds of offers? If you contact a local ad agency in your area, he will be glad to explain these offers to you. However, be aware that although they will send this card pack to 100,000 or more people, it will cost you one or more thousand dollars for this service.

Send Out News Releases. All mailorder dealers will attempt to get free publicity by sending out news releases to 100's of magazines and newspapers. If you can get a few local news releases, this would be great!

Get Free Reviews. There are hundreds of free lance writers that write columns for many different magazines and newspapers. If you send a letter and a copy of this plan for their review, you may get a free mention in their writing. You also may sponsor him in your MLM program(s) and he has many contacts!

Write Your Own Column. If you have a flair for writing, write your own column and get it published in various publications. In doing so, you can mention your offerings. You get paid for your column writing, and you get free publicity.

Write Your Own Newsletter. There are 1,000's of newsletters now being published on every conceivable subject. Again, if you have a flair for writing, this is an excellent way to earn a nice income while getting free publicity.

Publish Your Own Adsheet. Hundreds of small mail order dealers publish a small 1 to 4 page adsheet. In it, they sell advertisements to others and also promote their own products and services. If this is done correctly, you make money by selling advertising and your ads are then essentially free.

Sell Books By Mail. This is an excellent way to start a mailorder business. There are hundreds of publishers and book dealerships available that will sell you their books at deep discounts. You essentially advertise by classified advertising and sell your books at a nice profit. You can then offer this promotion to them as well.

Use All Profit Ads. Many mailorder firms offer small space ads that advertise products or services that can be purchased for a few dollars. If you purchase one of these, you can resell this product and service and keep all the money. You simply send your order to the prime source and he fills the order free. The reason he is doing this is so he can build up his customer base.

Become A "Big Mail" Dealers. If you look at mailorder publications, you will find 100's of dealers who offer a Big Mail. You send in a buck or two and they will send to you a big fat package of all kinds of offers. They make a buck or two up front, and then have a chance to sell something else. You can do this too, if you like and of course, offer this plan as well.

Make Money With Circulars. Many books and mailorder dealerships are sold and advertised by an 81/2" x 11" page circular. The profit that you earn is normally at least 50%, so you can generally earn $5 to $10 promoting these. A good deal and you get to promote this program free.

Sell To Catalog Houses! there are over 10,000 companies that sell their products via their own catalogs. Normally, they have thousands of customers. They are always looking for high profit products that they can include. If you can get just one of these to include your offering, just imagine how many people you could sponsor!

Get Listed In Directories! There are thousands of directories! Do a little research at your library and you will find various directories for just about any subject listed. Write to these publishers and offer your services. If you can get listed with these publishers, you will get leads month after month!

Mail To Mailorder Dealers. If you want to promote this program by mail, get your hands on as many mailorder publications that you can. The easiest way is to write to a few of the mailorder publishers listed in our report, "Where To Place Your 1" Advertisement For Less Than $5.00 . . . Over 250 Mailorder Publications Sorted By Cost/ Circulation Ratio!" and ask for literature or offers. If you send a Self Addressed & Stamped Envelope (S.A.S.E.), or a buck or two for their offers, you will get flooded with offers. You also will be put on multiple mailings lists that other mailorder dealers use. When this happens, send back to them your postcard with a personal note. These people are active mailorder dealers! If you can sponsor just a few of them, they will sponsor many for you!


If you have read this far, I have to believe that you can see how easy it is to make money selling reports by mail. Can't you? And can you also see how easy it is to generate MLM leads this way? I'll bet you can. Don't you? If you agree, take a little time and review the selection of reprintable reports that are offered in our report, Catalog of Quality Reprintable Reports!" You will find that most of these are offered to you in a set of reports. Each set is advertised by one circular to keep your advertising costs down. You will notice that to receive some of these circulars, you will need to send a S.A.S.E. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with a loose stamp to get this information. that way, the person that is sending to you this money is at least getting his postage and handling costs. That's how it will work for you when you place your name on these advertisements instead of ours. We want you to make money up front. Now go through and order a few, or send off for the literature. It's easy and fun! And you get to earn a whole lot of money!

To Your Success!
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