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The Best 50 Cash Making Mail Order Dealerships

<p align="Justify">The Best 50 Cash Making Mail Order Dealerships

Check out these exciting mail order dealerships!

This report, "The Best 50 Cash Making Mail Order Dealerships" is one of fifteen reports contained in the set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE . . .By Mail!" series. If you have not ordered the complete set, I strongly urge you to do so now so you can take full advantage of this program.

In this report, you will find descriptions of many mailorder dealerships that you can buy and promote with a handsome profit. There is no inventory required. Most dealerships listed are such that you can purchase the program and resell it to others. If you "buy into" any of these dealerships, or if you are already participating in them, you may replace your name with the existing source before making copies of this report. That way, your offer with your name will be copied over and over again as this report is circulated to others that you have sold it to.

Most of these dealerships offer additional opportunities for you such as selling books, name lists, etc. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to learn the mail order business while earning a profit... and generating FREE MLM leads!

To make it easy for you and your customers, you will find at the end of this report an offer to buy a set of 8 1/2" x 11" circulars that describe these programs in detail for only $10.00. This packet of information will be sent with NO SOURCE names! Therefore, the person receiving this packet will be instructed to purchase from the person that is listed in this directory. Therefore, if you are promoting any of these programs, the orders from your customers that have bought the MLM MACHINE will go to you! And, this "circular set" is sold with reprintable rights, so you can resell this set of circulars with a nice profit.

Videx is not the prime source for any of these dealerships. Therefore, Videx is not responsible for the integrity of these companies. However, Videx has made a concerted effort to sift through 100's of dealerships in order to find the best programs suited for you to participate in. You will find a brief description of these dealerships listed in this report. If you want more information for a specific dealership offering, send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) plus one loose stamp along with a copy of the description in this report to the person's name indicated. If you are requesting details for more than one company from the same "source", only one SASE is necessary, but send one loose stamp for each offering. You will notice that the "source names" are conveniently typed for you so you can simply copy them and cut them out as address labels. You can then just "scotch tape" them to your mailing envelope.

Although there are hundreds of mail order dealerships available, Videx is listing only those that meet our minimal standard. Further, Videx has selected nineeen (19) of these that meet our "Highly Recommended Status." If you are just starting out, these "CHOICE 13" not only meet our standards, but they also will help you in starting your mail order business. In that regard, you will notice in the recommended list, you have dealerships that offer the basic essentials including quality names, discount advertising, discount book programs and memberships.

If you like, you may purchase additional mailorder dealerships in addition to the recommended list and promote these also through this report by simply "rubber stamping" or replacing your name where the existing name is. Also, there is additional space in this report for you to add your own offers if they are different from those listed as well as the ones Videx lists. However, although you may add your own offering, it is mandatory that you retain the original listings. You may, however, include your own circulars when you fill orders with this report.


1. Sell books, manuals & reports, new release program. Keep $20.00 profit on every $25.00 order! With this program, you can start and operate your own thriving mail order "information" business on literally a "shoestring." Selling the RIGHT TYPE of "information" is practically a DEPRESSION PROOF business ... at any time, and you will be shown how to sell all type of in-demand reports, books, manuals, courses, etc.

This dealership mailorder program provides a complete dealership and a master dealership with many outstanding benefits! You may become a distributor in this program for only $25.00 or send a SASE + 1 loose stamp for complete details to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

2. Totally Awesome Typesetting & Ad Design Plus Dealership! Earn 50 % on ads & $10.00 on brokerships! For details and circular, send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

3. Join the International Mail Dealers' Council. Join the I.M.D.C. now for only $30.00 and you will receive "The Beginner's Mail Order Kit" valued at $15.00. You get 12 benefits by joining this council plus you earn $10.00 for each member you recruit! Send SASE plus one loose stamp for details to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

4. Sell High Quality Mailing Lists. These are high quality peel and stick labels you can use for yourself or sell to others. Unlike lists offered by some other companies, these names are updated regularly. Postal Service's National Change of Address file and a national database are used to keep name lists clean. They will replace each undeliverable with 10 fresh names! Choose from many categories such as Opportunity Seekers, Buyer Names, Financial Names and Multi-level Names. Prices are very competitive such as 1,000 names for only $50.00. Dealers may rent these names to others for use for personal use at 50% of normal list price. Bonus: Receive $10.00 for registering new dealers! Send SASE plus one loose stamp for circular to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

5. Join the U.S. Team . . .A Discount Advertising Program for over 80 Mail Order and MLM Publications. For only $50.00, you can now reach approximately 500,000 potential customers at a 40% discount! This well established ad agency will place your ads at 40% discount, and you can promote this program and earn $30.00 for each new member you recruit! Send SASE plus one loose stamp for details to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

6. How to Become Wealthy as a Circular Mailer. This publication describes many ways of making money from home by mailing circulars based on the publishers many years of experience. A dealership offer for promoting this program is also offered. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

7. The Direct Mail Order Association. Many services, benefits ad discounts are available to you when you join this association for a small annual fee. Commissions can also be earned when you sign up a new member. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

8. Subscribe to Mail Order Dynamite. Here is an excellent mail order publication dealership that pays you like a MLM company for 4 levels! Save on advertising while you earn big profits recruiting new subscribers! For details send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

9. Big Money can Make you Happy. Earn up to 100% commission mailing circulars. This program offers six circular mailing offers with huge commissions. There is nothing to stock or ship - just forward the orders for shipping. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

10. Strike it Rich with the "Franklin Income Program." Become an authorized dealer for the "Franklin Income Program." You will receive circulars for mail order programs and have your orders drop shipped for you. There is no product to stock or ship! Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

11. A Stamp Generating Dealership. Cash . . .Stamps. . . .FREE Kodak Film! With this offer you will receive a camera ready copy and reprint rights to the circular. A coupon book for Kodak film, first class postage stamps and commission will be yours. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

12. American Mail Marketing Opportunities Magazine. Earn $50.00 FREE advertising. When you subscribe to this magazine you will receive $50.00 worth of free advertising as well as authorization to promote the magazine allowing you to earn commission on every subscription you sell. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

13. Make Money with Gumball! The Gumball Express, a large tabloid mail order publication wants your advertising business and will help you earn money while advertising your business opportunity. You receive a full one year subscription plus advertising discounts! Plus, you may become a dealer AND a distributor and earn large profits! For details, send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

14. Get Top Quality Advertising Plus Cash with this "Ben Frank's " Almanac Dealership! This fine color tabloid offers a dealership and distributorship with typesetting and advertising opportunities! Send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

15. "Things I wish Mother Had Told Me (before I got started in mail order) If you act right now, you will get a Dealer's Profit Pack and authorization to sell this book and how to earn $10.00 commissions! Send SASE + one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

16. Mail King Plan. Get free mailing lists, stamps and money. Earn money, stamps and cash by promoting this dealership package. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

17. Mail-Courier Express. When you subscribe to Mail-Courier Express some of the benefits you receive are 6 issues of the magazine, discount on advertising, a discount on typesetting and much more including a dealership offer. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

18. Entrepreneur's SUPER JACKPOT! This dealership will pay you weekly for promoting Entrepreneur Digest. Excellent Product! Low cost, only $20.00! Send SASE for details to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

19. Illustrated Adsheet Directory. This offer is for publishers of adsheets, tabloids, etc...A dealership plan is included. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

Check Out These Other Exciting Mail Order Dealership Programs

20. M.O.R.E. Directory. (Mail Order Related Entrepreneurs Directory) Get your name listed in this directory for a full year and you can advertise and sell this directory. For details, send SASE and one loose stamp to: Shooting Star Publications P.O. Box 51007 Indian Orchard, Ma 01151

21. W.I.N. - Wealth Information Network! Join the WIN program and receive six super mail order benefits including dealership for this program. Send SASE plus one loose stamp for circular and details to: Jobs P.O. Box 12417 Las Vegas, Nv 89112

22. Thinking of Publishing an Adsheet? Adsheet design service and dealership. For details, send SASE plus one loose stamp to: George Norr P.O. Box 70268 Salt Lake City, Ut 84170

23. Income Opportunity Seekers Mailing Lists. Current mail order name lists with a guaranteed cash refund for undeliverable names. Three sets of aged names are available (guarantee changes with the age of the names.) These names are of people who have expressed interest in an income opportunity offer. Send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Perfect Mailing List Co. P.O. Box 1974 Memphis, Tn 38101

24. The Work-At-Home Sources Directory. Now you can find profitable work at home. New directory lists many types of home operated businesses available today. Many illustrations. There also is a dealership program with this offer. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Stevem Milot 241 Main St. Fern Glen, Pa 18241

25. Home Mailers Needed Immediately. This company states, "We pay up To $978.00 per week! Your part is simple. You simply stuff envelopes, seal them, and apply address labels and postage stamps. For details, send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Wilson Stone 24843 Del Prado, Suite 324 Dana Point, Ca 92629

26. You're Invited to Join a Printing Club! Join this printing club and you will not only get a 20% discount on your printing, but you will also earn a $10.00 credit coupon for each new member that you recruit. And there's more! For complete details, send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Chuck Rollason 63 Main St Dallaston, Pa 17313

27. Keep $6.00 on Every $8.00 Order! You will get a copy of the publication, "How To parlay Any Multi-Level Program Into A Million Or More!" Send only $8.00 for your copy, or send SASE for circular to: Dale Advertising, Inc. P.O. Drawer 279 Grover, NC 28073

28. Jetstream Express. Earn $25.00 cash commission for each and every copy you sell of our special report, "How To Win In Today's MLM." For details, send SASE + one loose stamp to: Jetstream Express 8417 Oswego Road, Suite 182 Baldwinville, NY 13027

29. The Classified Connection. Multi-level Marketing's Most Profitable, Most Professional Monthly Publication! How to earn $600.00 cash commission with only 3 subscribers! Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Catallina Publishing Corp. P.O. Box 4595 Ithaca, NY 14852

30. Free Advertising For Life. This program will print your ad at very reasonable prices in a quality publication for opportunity seekers with a circulation of 5,000. When you place your ad you are automatically given an ID number to promote the plan and earn free advertising. Send a SASE and one loose stamp to: GAP Services P.O. Box 79428 N. Dartmouth, Ma 02747

31. Gwen's Consolidated Mail. New 80% Commission Dealership Opportunity. Low advertising rates plus commission. Send a SASE and one loose stamp to: Gwen Franklin 3316 Kingsbridge Drive Plano, Tx 75075

32. World Business Ad Club. When you purchase a life time membership you also receive a free display and a free classified ad, 20% discount on your ads, a commission on ads you sell and place for others plus much more. Send a SASE and one loose stamp to: Globeco Publishing Co. 1408 Baylis St. Duluth, Mn 55811

33. How To Write Headlines That Pull. Dealers Wanted! Keep all the money on the 8 page booklet. Send a SASE and one loose stamp to: William H. Fordham 146-15 133rd Ave. Jamaica, NY 11436

34. A Program For The Little Guys And Gals! The world's greatest anti-poverty project. Memberships available. Send SASE plus one loose stamp to: C.R. Johnson 3322 Kelox Road Baltimore, Md 21207

35. Let's Make Some Money program. Home operated business offer with company backing including an easy to read manual. Send a SASE and one loose stamp to: David Dye Box 1002 Battle Creek, Mi 49016

36. Daily Cash Mailing Program. Several circular offers are included in this program where you mail out the circulars for cash. Send a SASE and one loose stamp to: Independent Business Systems P.O. Box 597 Kenansville, NC 28349

37. Future Success Today. This program provides you with all the things you need to start a mail order business. Some of the things included are commissions for every sale, postage stamp commissions as well as $ commissions, your ad printed and mailed to over 2,500 and more. Send a SASE and one loose stamp to: F.S.T. P.O. Box 1188 Fremont, Oh 43420

38. 150 Firms That Pay You To Work At Home. This company has selected the 150 best companies to work at home for enabling you to make extra or full income. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Fun Mates Press P.O. Box 426466 San Francisco, Ca 94142

39. Once A Month Association. Now, you can have an excellent source of income! . . .with dynamic growth potential! You will receive $10 for everyone that you sponsor! For details, send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: Steve Milot 241 Main Street Fern Glen, Pa 18241

40. Sell Mailing Lists. These mailing lists are current mail order and MLM prospects. A dealership offer is included. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: TNT Books P.O. Box 681519 Miami, Fl 33168

41. InterNAPMOD. Earn commissions for every new member you get plus you get a commission on their renewal and more when you become a registered member. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: InterNAPMOD 12 Westerville Square Westerville, Oh 43081

42. Mail Order Mania Club. Sell Commission Circulars. Everything is handled for you by M.O.M. A newsletter is published periodically. Send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: M.O.M. Club P.O. Box 1188 Fremont, Oh 43420

43. Earn $500 Per Page With Your Adsheet. 100% commission dealership! Dealerships now available! For more details, send SASE and one loose stamp to: Adman 6460-65 Convoy Court San Diego, Ca 92117-2312

44. Join the Mailorder IBM Compatible Computer User Group! You will receive 8 big benefits including an exclusive commission dealership earning $10.00 for each new member that you recruit! For details send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Topscore Software 80 Seward #C-2 Detroit, Mi 48202

45. Dealership For Opportunity Mailing Lists. Earn 50% commission for quality mailing lists! This company can supply 5,000 fresh names per month. For details send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Paul Wilson P.O. Box 26418 Tamarac, Fl 33320

46. Hop Aboard the Money Express! This unique program is selling a book titled, "101 Money Making Secrets" and you get paid four levels deep although this is not a MLM program. For more details, send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Fast Start Team Box 70268 Salt Lake City, Ut 84170

47. Big Mails = Big Money! Get paid $9.95 for each big mail you send! Dealerships benefits for you to earn 100% on each new dealer that you recruit! For details, send SASE plus one loose stamp to: Beverly A. Smith 537 W. Hopocan Avenue Barberton, Oh 44203

48. "NO FAIL" Stamp Program. Now get thousands of first-class stamps FREE! Send SASE and one loose stamp for circular and details. Networking Exchange P.O. Box 205 Columbus, Oh 43216-2905

49. Join North American Book Dealers Exchange! If you would like to sell or publish books, this 11 year old company has a unique program you can't refuse. Here are just some of the benefits you will receive as a N.A.B.E. member.

1. A Two year subscription to "Book Dealers World" which is a magazine for publishers and mail order book sellers. 2. FREE copy of the BOOK DEALER'S DROPSHIP DIRECTORY, plus dropship and wholesale dealer information. 3. Several advertising savings and discounts in the Book Dealers World magazine. 4. Recruit other members to join N.A.B.A. and keep 50% profit for yourself.

For more information, send a SASE plus one loose stamp to: North American Bookdealers Exchange P.O. Box 606 Cottage Grove, Or 97424

50. This Pays 100%! You will receive 4 of the best 50% commission, camera ready 8 1/2" x 11" dealerships in mailorder. Send $5.00 plus three loose stamps to: Thad Gajda Box 46247 Bedford, Oh 44146
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