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New Money Making Mail Order Ideas

<p align="Justify">35 New Money-Making Mail Order Ideas You Can Print & Sell

Good news! If you've been searching for a sensational MONEY-MAKER, look no further! This program is for YOU! It's one of the best collections of brand new, up-to-date information you'll find anywhere! It tells the many exciting ways to earn BIGGER profits FASTER! Plus great trips on how to save money! Plus almost 2 dozen different other ways to make big profits in mail order! Plus more!

Whether "Beginner" or mail order "veteran", this great new program could spell SUCCESS for you! What's more, when you but "35 Mail Order Ideas" for $10, you'll also receive permission to copy and sell everything you see here! Read on!

ONE LOW PRICE FOR ALL 35 MAIL ORDER IDEAS!. . . . . . 1. How to start an easy, profitable mail order business. 2. True facts about "multi-level marketing" pyramid plans. 3. How to get cash for used stamps off your mail. 4. Where to buy low cost 81/2" x 11" printing by mail. 5. Where to find the best products to sell by mail. 6. How to collect on bad checks. 7. Where to get the best mailing lists. 8. Where to buy hundreds of profitable top sellers at wholesale. 9. Where to present new ideas, inventions & new products. 10. Where to find the best publications in which to advertise. 11. Where to get booklets printed for lowest cost. 12. How to start a high profit mail order book business. 13. How to cut advertising costs 75% and more. 14. Federal postal regulations mail dealer's must obey. 15. Where to get brand name items for big mail order profits. 16 Where to get advertising art at half price. 17. How to buy stamps from post office and sell them at a profit. 18. How to operate a money making printshop with no press. 19 How to sell US flag products for up to 455% profit. 20. How to earn big by selling bronze baby shoes by mail. 21. How to sell bibles by mail for big profits. 22. 50 most powerful words to increase your ad's pulling power. 23. How to earn 400 - 800% profit selling bumper stickers by mail. 24. How to cash-in on the big mail order imprinted t-shirt market. 25. Earn 100% - 300% profit selling recycled (faded) demin jeans. 26. Learn how to make a living as a commercial writer. 27. How to sell printed "advertising specialties" by mail. 28 How to sell vitamins by mail. 29. How to sell "Anti-Crime" personal protection devices. 30. Formulas for 7 household products you can make and sell. 31. How to make and sell customized license plates by mail. 32. How to start a profitable mail order greeting card business. 33. How to make money selling costume jewelry by mail. 34. How to sell gold imprinted items for a 2nd income. 35. How to make & sell photo/slogan buttons by mail. PLUS OTHER VALUABLE IDEAS!

MORE GOOD NEWS! When you order this program for just $10, you also get full reproduction rights. You can print and sell the entire "35 mail order ideas" program for $10 just like we did. (and you'll pocket a tidy profit of over $9.50 on every sale)

PLUS, we will also give you permission to reproduce this dynamic sales circular! (Camera ready ads are also available). This winner could be the best $10 investment you have ever made.


Special Instructions to Mail Order Dealers Purchase of the "35 Mail Order Ideas" program for $10.00 includes full reproduction rights for the complete program and copyrighted sales circular. NOTICE: Reproduction rights are NOT included if this program is sold for LESS than $10.00. WARNING: Seller must provide buyer with clear, sharp, legible copy of the COMPLETE program and sales circular. If seller does not furnish camera-ready art that will reproduce clearly, buyer is entitled to an immediate FULL REFUND! No exceptions: Camera-ready ads & 3 x 6 circular for the "35 Mail Order Ideas" program available to all dealers for a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope and $1.00. Send order to: "35 Mail Order Ideas" Ads, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101. The "35 Mail Order Ideas program was accurate and up-to-date at time of publication. Publisher is not responsible for any address changes or changes in company policy. Sold as news and information only. Copyright 1985, Fun Mates Press. All rights reserved. (Tampering with, or deletion of this copyright indicia constitutes copyright fraud, and revokes all reproduction rights).

Notice To All Mail Order Dealers & Sellers of This Program All Materials contained in this program, as well as the circular promoting this program, have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, Washington, DC. Reproduction of this program or corresponding sales circular, in whole or in part, by any method or in any language, prohibited without permission. Purchase of the entire program authorizes full reproduction rights to the complete program plus sales circular. The copyright indicia ("Copyright (year). Fun Mates Press") that appears on this program and corresponding sales circular, may not de deleted or tampered with in any manner during the reproduction process. to delete or tamper with this copyright registration information will be considered "copyright fraud". The complete program must be reproduced "as is" with no changes or alteration permitted. The corresponding sales circular may not be changed in any manner, with the exception of the insertion of the mail order dealer's name and address in the coupon. Failure to comply with the above will be cause for immediate withdrawal of all reproduction rights and prosecution under the U.S. Copyright Law and International Copyright Act.


U.S. flag items at wholesale prices - decals, patches, pins, auto flags. For sample and sales information, send $1.00 to: Advertising Ideas, P.O. Box 2176, Springfield, Ill 62705


Unless you can afford to run large, professionally designed advertisements, you will find that it is very difficult to sell products directly from ads. However, there is a very simple solution to the problem that will allow you to advertise in a greater number of publications, and stretch your advertising budget as well. The answer is to run "classified" ads instead of "display" or space ads.

But, don't attempt to sell an item through a 20 or 25 word classified ad. Instead, you should run an "inquiry" or "teaser" type of advertisement. Then, when inquiries come in, you can send the prospective customer a good, hard-sell, convincing circular, which will do the selling job for you. It is much cheaper to print and mail an 81/2" x11" circular than to run an 81/2" x 11" ad.

And classified ads are much less expensive than display ads. In many mail order publications, you run an effective classified ad for about 1/4th the cost of a small display ad, or even less. This will give you more money to spend on advertising - and more classified ads to run in more publications.

To get a sample copy of some of the better, more reliable mail order trade publications, send two 1st class stamps to each of the following and ask for a sample copy: 1. Popular Advertiser, 993 Meadowlawn Dr.SE, Salem, Or 97301 2. Mail Order Bulletin, Artcraft Press, P.O. Box 225, Mankato, Mn 56001 3. Mail Order Messenger, MPM, 4911 Verne Rd, P.O. Box 17131, Memphis, Tn 38187

Did you know that there are a number of ways to get FREE ADVERTISING?! It's true! One way is by pasting your best 1" CR ad on "The ENDLESS ADVERTISER". Then print and distribute a hundred copies or more. Your ad could be seen by millions! for a free CR copy of this unique adsheet, send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope to: Endless Advertiser - Dept. EA/35R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101. Include a loose first class stamp and ask for their "Free Advertising " survey. It's another great way to get free advertising listings!


The secret is "commission circulars". These are sales circulars and newspapers/magazine advertisements which are furnished by the "prime source". You simply insert your name & address as the mail order dealer and insert the ads in your favorite newspapers and/or magazines, or have as many circulars printed as you think necessary and distribute them in whatever manner you wish.

Then when orders arrive, you pocket your commission (generally 50%) and forward the balance on to the supplier with the customer's order. They will fill and ship the order directly to your customer. In this type of operation, you do not have to stock any type of inventory, keep books, ship orders, etc. In other words, the supplier does all the work and you get a nice share of the profits.

For information on how you can get free commission circulars from over 100 suppliers, (free mailing lists too) send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Commission Selling - Dept. 2LS/35R, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.


For complete price information, write to: SPEEDY PRINTERS, 23800-83 Aurora, Cleveland, Oh 44146. Ask for their free "Booklet Planner-Pricer".


Don't throw away cancelled postage stamps from your incoming mail. All used stamps have value, no matter how common they may appear to be. And since these used stamps are free, your profit is a pure 100%. So, start saving used stamps today!

The easiest way to make money from used stamps is to sell them at garage sales, flea markets, yard sales, fund raising benefits, church bazaars, etc. You can sell them soaked off paper, or "on paper", by placing a quantity in envelopes or transparent bags. (Children love them).

For details on information about selling used U.S. and foreign stamps, what to charge, over two dozen stamp dealers currently buying stamps, plus much more, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Stamp Bonanza - Dept. S5-35R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

Stamp collectors, dealers and wholesalers also need used stamps. You can sell your cancelled stamps to them through ads in some of the philatelic publications. Either respond to their "Stamps Wanted" ads or run your own classified ad. For sample copy of some of the more popular stamp publications: 1. Send a 1st class stamp to: The Stamper, 37 Poulton Dr. N.W., Ft. Walton Beach, Fl 32548. 2. Send 60 cents to: Stamps Magazine, 153 Waverly Place, New York, Ny 10014 3. Free copy, from: National Handicrafter, The Handicraft Press, Box 248, Grant Park, Il 60940 4. Send $1.00 to: Stamp Collector, P.O. Box 10, Albany, Or 97321 5. Send $2.00 to: Linn's Stamp News, P.O. Box 29, Sidney, Oh 45365

Also, check with your local IRS. In some instances, if you donate used stamps to a charitable organization, you can list their catalog value as a charitable contribution.


Choose from Lee's; Levi's or other brand names. Very little capital needed. Send for free wholesale price list, from: Denim City Corp., 199 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231.


Wide selection of most popular, brand-name merchandise. Send $1.00 (refundable with first order) for current catalog, to: S. Cook, Cook Bros., 113 N. May St., Chicago, Il 60607.


Start your own "second income" bronzing shop. Sell one of mail order's oldest best sellers: Bronze Baby Shoes. Get free details from: 1. Metalcraft Bronze Co., 313 Taunton Ave., East Providence, Ri 02914 2. Nicholas Bronze Supply, 398 Sebring Airport, Sebring, Fl 33870


Buy direct from factory. High quality all-natural nutritional products. Free confidential price list, sales aid kit and catalog: Vitamin Power, Box 3037B, Freeport, NY 11520.


Sell one of today's most popular mail order items: Books! For more information, contact any or all of the following and ask for free details: 1. Wilshire Mail Order Books, 12015 Sherman Rd., N Hollywood, Ca 91605. Ask for their "Selling Books by Mail Kit". 2. Premier Publishers, P.O. Box 16254, Ft Worth, Tx 76133. 3. R & D Services, P.O. Box 644, Des Moines, Ia 50303.


The best source of products ( and services) to sell by mail can be found in some of the more popular, national "opportunity" magazines.

These publications are a "showcase" for many new items as well as the old "stand-bys". Many of the advertisers are looking for dealers and distributors, like you. Below are listed the best of these opportunity publications. If interested, drop them a note asking the price for a sample copy (many will send you a free copy without cost). Address your letter to the attention of "Subscription Dept". 1. Opportunity Magazine, 6 N Michigan Ave. - Suite 1405, Chicago, Il 60601 2. Selling Direct, Communications Channels, Inc., 6255 Barfield Rd., Atlanta, Ga 30328. 3. Income Opportunities, Davis Publications, Inc., 380 Lexington Ave., New York, Ny 10017. 4. Money Making Opportunities, Success Publishing, 11071 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, Ca 91604.


81/2" x 11" size only - no other printing offered. 1-side or both sides. For complete, free price information, contact: Econo, 3561 Centennial Lane, Ellicott City, Md 21043.


For full information, write to: Strathmore, Box 4235, Madison, Wi 53711. Tell them you are interested in being a dealer for their "Today's Clip Art: book. You earn 50% commission on every sale. . . .and you can get a copy for yourself for half of retail.

For 50 free advertising art samples, send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope to: Free Art Samples - Dept. 35R, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

Another good source of advertising art is: Dynamic Graphics, Inc., 6000 North Forest Park Drive, P.O. Box 1901, Peoria, Il 61656. Write for their colorful free catalog.


For the past few years, "pyramid" schemes and/or "multi-level" marketing programs have been sweeping the country. They may look like "winners" on paper, but the big question is: Do they really work?

A reliable firm recently made an extensive survey. For over a year they accumulated all incoming mail which advertised various typed of pyramid and/or multi-level marketing programs.

Then, a questionnaire was designed and sent to over 5,000 of these multi-level program participants. Of the replies received, over 98% said they LOST MONEY!!!

As example, a man in eastern Virginia sadly told how he spent over $7,000.00 in two years on multi-level programs. Total income received to date: - slightly over $700.00!!!

A woman in southern California said she joined a total of 47 programs. She wrote, "I didn't even get the cost of postage back" and "my husband is as mad as hell at me for wasting so much money"!

Letters received from senior citizens and single parents are even more tragic.

Less than 1/2 of one percent claimed they "broke even", but when asked if they would be interested in joining "one more 'fool proof' multi-level program", all but one replied "NO"!

Another little known fact about "pyramids" and/or "multi-level" schemes is that they are illegal!! The U.S. Postal Service has put thousands of formerly respectable mail dealers out of business for promoting these get-rich-quick schemes. Why?

In their book "Mail Fraud Laws", U.S. Postal Service states that the "endless chain" schemes of pyramids and multi-level marketing are just as illegal as the old fashioned chain letters.

In addition, the book adds (and we quote), "The road to riches is buying a distributorship for selling a common product. The big profits are to come from recruiting agents and dealers to sell the product. As a distributor, there are promises of a percentage of the money his dealers put into the scheme plus commissions on their sales."

"While all multi-level distributorships are not fraudulent, the pyramid type resembles the illegal the illegal chain-letter scheme. The profits come not from selling the product, but in inducing others to put their life savings into a distributorship. Where a scheme flourishes, the supply is soon exhausted and the new investors are left with a faded dream......".

Postal Inspectors recommend that one should: "Be wary if the promoters are more interested in selling distributorships than they are a product or service that consumers need". And to "Ask those selling franchises for the names and addresses of those making the fabulous profits. also, "Ask to see their business records, and interview those actually operating a franchise"/

"Also, check the company with your Better Business Bureau". Another good idea when you are solicited to join one of these programs, is to take the sales literature you receive to your local Postal "Fraud" Inspector and ask them for their opinion. this little act won't cost you anything and could save you a lot of time and money (and even legal fees)!!

Also, beware of schemes where you are instructed to send checks to a number of different names and addresses. This is a sure sign that you are joining an illegal endless chain. Also, watch out for schemes where you are assigned a number, and/or others use a number instead of their right name and address. (What are they afraid of? Or are they trying to throw Postal authorities off their trail?)

A good tip to keep in mind is when any sales material you receive in the mail states that it is "not illegal" or "perfectly legal" - or something similar - it usually is 100% ILLEGAL, and can get you into more trouble than you've ever bargained for. And always keep in mind, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse!"

But, if you don't believe these facts, by all means join as many get-rich-quick schemes as you can afford. You can bet your life that someone will appreciate your money and may be getting rich just as quick as their sales literature promises - but we bet it won't be you.

And don't be surprised if one day you get a formal "request" from Postal Authorities asking you to immediately discontinue your mail order activities!

In any event, if you are one of many who have faith in these rip-off schemes and confidence that they can make you an overnight millionaire, we have just three words for you: "Good Luck, Sucker!"


Send for free details and sample greeting cards, from: Moderne Card Company, Inc., 3855 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Il 60613. (Phone: (312) 248-4600).


All businesses need printing. If you can provide everything from business cards to specialty items like duplicate forms, you can earn a large, annual income without operating a printing press.

A Florida mail order dealer has successfully sold specialty printing for nearly 20 years and has never owned a printing press, bought ink, set type for a letterhead or wrapped an order for shipping. This man is known as a "printing broker" or "printer's agent". He contracts jobs and ships orders to a printer in another state. He pockets good commissions. His orders are filled and shipped within seven working days. Last year he earned top dollar as a printer and didn't do any hard labor or even get his fingers dirty with printer's ink.

This type of business can be run by anyone, anywhere. It can be operated full or part time. The investment is ZERO! Your only cost may be a few dollars for a small classified ad in your local newspaper. If you can keep prices below the competition, you won't need to go begging for business. And, if you can provide quality printing and fast service, in addition to low prices, you will never have to worry about "repeat" orders from your satisfied customers.

To get started, study mail order publications and locate printers that operate within about 1,000 miles of you. Write to these printers requesting their LOWEST rates. Tell them you are a printing broker and can send them much business in the future if their prices, quality and services are right. Also contact local printers in your area.

After you locate a good printer, run the following classified ad in your local newspaper: WHOLESALE BUSINESS PRINTING. Save up to 50% on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, office forms, etc. Call: (your phone Number) or write: (Your name & address). Once your ad starts running, you will be surprised at the calls that you will start getting.


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has rules that give customers certain rights when they order by mail. Mail order customers have a right to know when they can expect their order to be shipped.

If an ad states that the manufacturer will "rush" the order to the customer in less than a week, for example, the dealer must ship the order within that time.

If no date is stated by the seller, the order must be shipped within 30 days. If the seller does not ship the merchandise within the stated time, or within 30 days, the customer has the right to cancel the order, and get a full refund.

The dealer must notify the customer of a delay and give him a "free means" to reply (for example, by providing a postage-paid postcard or envelope).

If the shipping delay is 30 days or less, the customer has the right to cancel the order and get his money back, the right to agree to the new shipping date, or the right not to answer. If there is no answer, the dealer can assume the customer agrees to the new shipping date.

If the shipping delay is more than 30 days, the customer must give his express consent to the delay. Otherwise, the dealer must return the full payment at the end of the first 30 days of the delay.

If you order by mail, you should read, "How To Stamp Out Mail Order Crooks". This valuable report tells how to fight crooked firms by writing a few letters to the right authorities, and could save you a bundle in time. To order, send a long (#10) self addressed stamped envelope and $2.00 to: "Stamp Out Crooks" Report - Dept. MC/35R, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.


Print and sell T-Shirts for fun and profit. For free details to print by the "silk Screen method", write to: Screen Magic, P.O. Box 23991, Tampa, Fl 33623. Or if you prefer to print by the "heat transfer method", contact: Press Magic, Magic Systems, P.O. Box 22809, Tampa, Fl 33623.


All businesses receive bad checks at one time or another. Generally a bad check is returned to your bank because the person who issued the check has insufficient funds in their checking account.

The best way to prevent losing money because of a bad check is to hold-up the shipment of the order until you are certain the check is valid. Simply wait approximately 15 working days before shipping the order. This is especially true of larger orders (say, orders over $20.00) and orders received from new customers, whose credit record is unknown to you. also, if the check looks suspicious for any reason.

When you do receive a check that "bounces", the best way to handle the situation is to write a polite note telling the check writer that "their check has been returned due to insufficient funds" (or whatever reason your bank gives).

Include a photo-copy of their check - front and back - as proof. Do not return the original check since you will need this as "evidence".

If you receive no reaction after the first notice, send two more, approximately two weeks apart. Be firmer in your 2nd and 3rd letters.

If the check-writer ignores all three notices, write to the bank of origin, and request the bank to hold the check for collection - and include the check.

And, if you cannot collect on the bad check, all is not lost. Remember, if your mail business is properly registered with your state government and I.R.S., you can always declare bad checks on your income tax as a legitimate tax deduction.


Below are listed the formulas for seven common household products that almost everyone uses and buys. You can either makeup these items and sell them to the general public, or retype the formulas on a single sheet of paper and sell all 7 formulas for $1.00 or $2.00 each. Either way, you will be money ahead. 1. Powdered Hand Soap: Put ordinary tri-sodium phosphate in sifter can, or mix seven ounces of same with three ounces of fine powdered pumice. 2. Mosquito Repellent: Mix oil of citronella with common vaseline or petroleum jelly. Apply to hands and place on shirt collar, or on a cloth or handkerchief which may be tied around neck. 3. Athletes Foot Remedy: Mix 4 ounces of Borax with a gallon of water. For use on feet only. 4. Eyeglass Cleaner: Mix together 8 ounces of ammonia and 32 ounces of denatured alcohol. 5. Insect & Roach Exterminator: Mix the following: 1 lb. Borax with 6-ox. powdered sugar. Add 1-oz. cocoa powder and 2-oz. sodium flouride. Mix well. Sprinkle around areas pests frequent. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Away From Pets. 6. Liquid Hand Soap: Dissolve any good powdered soap in boiling water. Add one part alcohol to each 4 parts of soap solution. A perfume scent may be added if desired, when mixture cools. 7. Liquid Glue: Dissolve 6 3/4 ounces of calcium chloride by boiling in 20 ounces of water. allow to cool, then drop in 3/4 pound of glue (1 3/4 strength).


Personalize items with gold imprinting, bibles, books, leather goods, paper products, etc. Write for free brochure and sample, from: Magic Systems, inc., P.O. Box 24986, Tampa Fl 33623. Get more information and samples also, from Signet, 50 High St., Buffalo, NY 14203.


1. Details are free: Worldwide Bargainhunters, Box 730, S. Holland, Mi 49423. 2. Details for stamped envelope: Marnees, Box 1717-SO, Highland, In 46322. 3. Details for stamp: DDN, Box 20152-B, Ferndale, Mi 48220. 4. Send $3.00 for catalogs: Bargains, Box 931-O, Cullman, Al 35055. 6. Send $1.00 for catalog: The Wholesale Outlet, 900 Central Ave - Dept. MM9, Albany, NY 12206.


For comprehensive listings of America's best advertising media, write for free information: 1. Norlock Advertising Agency, 188 W Randolph St., Chicago, Il 60601. (Phone: (312) 726-8336). Ask for their latest "Advertisers Guide Book". 2. Columbia Advertising Agency, P.O. Box 1285, Richmond, In 47375. (phone: (317) 966-5849) Request their current "Mail order Advertisers Rate Guide". 3. National Mail Order Classified, Box 5, Sarasota, Fl 33578. (Phone: (813) 366-3003) Ask to be placed on their mailing list.


Simple portable system lets you make bumper stickers at home or "on the spot" - any message, anywhere, anytime. Make big profits. Free Details from: Magic Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 22791, Tampa, Fl 33622.


The best mailing lists are those names you obtain through your own efforts. However, many businesses require extra names when soliciting new business. Below are listed some of the best, most reliable mailing lists firms: 1. Dunhill International List Co., Inc., 419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016,(800) 223-1882. 2. Americalist, 26062 Eden Landing Rd. - Suite 4, Hayward, Ca 94545. Phone: (800)223-0448. 3. Research Projects Corp., 50 Clinton, Hemstead, NY 11550. Phone (800) 645-2980. 4. Alvin B. Zeller, Inc., 475 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016. Phone: (800)223-0814

Protect yourself against uncrupulous mailing lists dealers. Read "How To Protect Yourself From Mailing List Rip-offs". Send a self-addressed stamped envelope and $1.00 to: Mailing List Protection - Dept. MR/35R, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101/


In checking hundreds of effective advertisements, the most frequently used "key" words were tabulated. Below are listed the 50 most often used key words, as selected by professional copywriters. For best results, use as many of these words as you can in your future ads. 1. Absolutely 26. Profitable 2. Amazing 27. Proven 3. Bargain 28. Quality 4. Big 29. Reduced 5. Complete 30. Remarkable 6. Confidential 31. Reliable 7. Excellent 32. Reveal 8. Exciting 33. Revolutionary 9. Free 34. Secrets 10. Genuine 35. Sensational 11. Gift 36. Special 12. Gigantic 37. Sturdy 13. Greatest 38. Successful 14. Guaranteed 39. Superior 15. Huge 40. Surprise 16. Interesting 41. Terrific 17. Largest 42. Tested 18. Latest 43. Tremendous 19. Magic 44. Unconditional 20. Miracle 45. Unlimited 21. Outstanding 46. Unusual 22. Popular 47. Useful 23. Powerful 48. Valuable 24. Practical 49. Wealth 25. Professional 50. Wonderful

The most important part of any advertisement is the headline. If the headline doesn't grab the attention of the reader, your ad may go unseen. . .and un-read! For some of the best headlines around today, read "200 Vigorous, High-Impact Headlines". Send a self-addressed stamped envelope and $1.00 to: Headlines - Dept. 35R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.


Did you know that many stamp collectors and stamp dealers will buy certain U.S. mint (unused) stamps from you and pay you more than you paid for them when you bought them from your local post office? It's true! All you have to do is buy the stamps from your P.O. and then resell them for a nice profit.

There are 2 varieties of stamps that these stamp dealers/collectors are looking for: 1. Plate Number Blocks. This is a "block" of stamps (generally 4) with the serial number adjacent and attached to them. When you buy stamps by the sheet or partial sheet, you can sell this plate number block at a profit. 2. Coil Line Pairs. If you use stamps that come in coils (rolls), stamp collectors want the "coil line pairs". These are the stamps that appear ever so often in the coil with special markings.

For more details and current buying prices for these mint U.S. stamps, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Stamp Buyer - Dept. R35, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

Also check the "Stamps Wanted" ads in philatelic publications. For a complete list & instructions on how to get sample copies, see report: "How To Get Cash For Used Stamps Off Your Mail".

NOTICE: Certain firms have given permission to allow us to list their names as sources of additional materials. If any company fails to respond to your request, or has changed their offer, or moved to a new address, please advise so that we may make this change as soon as possible. Send all comments to: Revise Editor, "35 Mail Order Ideas", P.O. Box 6466. San Francisco, Ca 94101 U.S.A. Your kind cooperation will be sincerely appreciated.


Make these popular items quickly, easily, for pennies. Sell for much, much more. For full details, send for free full-color catalog and idea book, from: Badge-A-Minit, Ltd., P.O. Box 800, LaSalle, Il 61301.


Write publicity, advertising, books. Send for free manuscript report and "How To Publish Your Own Book", from: Carlton Press, Inc., 11 West 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001.


Buy at wholesale. Men's & women's rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, belt buckles, etc. Send $1 for full color catalog, plus tips on how to sell: Anka Co., Inc., 90 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886.


Cash in on the personalized license plate craze. Get free details and color brochure from: Pro-Plate, P.O. Box 22809, Tampa, Fl 33622. Or send $5.00 for 2 sample plates and color catalog, to: R.M. Smith Co., 111 5th St., Box 1170, Monument, Co 80132.


This company is looking for new ideas, products to submit to industry. Send for free information kit. Invention Marketing, Inc., 701 Smithfield St., Pittsburgh, Pa 15222. (800)528-6050 - Ext. 831.


Over 10,000 products to sell: Labels, letterheads, envelopes, statements, etc. Old, reliable corporation. Ask for free "Prospectus" from: Kaeser, 953 Martin Place, Cincinnati, Oh 45202. Also, get details from Kevin Peska, Newton Mfg. Co., Newton, Ia 50208.


Sell security devices by mail such as low-cost burglar alarms, shriek alarms, etc. Write for free catalog and profit plan: The Peterzell Co., box 966, Winter Park, Fl 32790.

Sell the 15 report "Anti-Crime" program by mail. Earn over $9.00 on every $10.00 sale. Free brochure for self-addressed stamped envelope: Anti-Crime, Dept. R35, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.


Low wholesale prices pay biggest profits. Wide choice of fine bibles, plus complete selection of religious greeting cards. Free details. Noble co., 1801 S. Lumber, Chicago, Il 60616.


To make money in mail order, you have to sell something that everyone wants. Two items that fit this category are two books: "1001 Things You Can Get Free" and "105 Ways To Make Money At Home".

If you want to add these best-sellers to your line of mail order products, contact the source of wholesale price information. Write to: Johnson Smith Company, Attn: Import-Export Division, 35075 Automation Drive, Mt. Clemens, Mi 48043.

Some items that mail order novices try to sell will be big winners. Others will be colossal flops. for a list of 40 of mail order's top money makers, you should read "What Sells Best In Mail Order Magazines". This valuable report could save you a lot of money in the long run. It's available for a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope and $2.00 from: Mail Order's Best Sellers, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101. Attn: Dept. AS-R35.


For lowest prices on a variety of return address labels, plus hundreds of other unusual items, write for free, big, colorful catalog, from: Walter Drake & Sons, Drake Building, Colorado Springs, Co 80940.

For quality, custom-made rubber stamps, signature rubber stamps, rubber stamps made from metal engravings, write for free price list, from: Frank P. DeLouise, 209-B Islip Blve., Islip Terrace, New York, 11752. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Learn how to operate this lucrative business. Take pictures with a TV camera and instantly print it out with a computer. Call toll-free for details: (800)221-7660. Or request free brochure, from: Casi, Computer Amusement Systems, Inc., 95 Morton St., New York, NY 10014.


Sell very fine diamonds and solid 14kt gold products. For complete Diamond Wholesaling Program, send $1.00 (refundable) to: International Diamond Distributors, One Diamond Plaza, 724 S. Central Avenue, Medford, Or 97501.


You should use a zip code number on all of your outgoing mail. This will help speed your mail to its destination. To buy a Zip Code Directory for your own use might prove expensive. But, did you know that all U.S. Post Offices have a Zip Code Directory available to you, to look up any zip codes that you might need?

In addition, in most localities, you can phone the post office and they will supply the correct zip code. Look in your phone directory white pages under "United States Government - Postal Services - Zip Code Information".

A helpful guide for mail order dealers is a zip code chart. This shows zip code numbers in numerical order and by states, in alphabetical order. It also has a map of the U.S. showing the newer two letter state abbreviations for all states. For a free copy of this helpful guide, send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope, to: Zip Code Chart - Dept. 20R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

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