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Effective Treatment for Candida and Thrush

Thrush, which is also known as candida, is a really annoying infection that can affect both women and men.

Anyone who has ever experienced thrush or candida knows only too well of the discomfort and distress that this troubling condition can cause. So, what exactly is thrush, and can it really be prevented?

The medical name for thrush is candida or candidosis. Thrush is caused by an overabundance and imbalance of bacteria and natural fungal yeast found in the body. It commonly manifests around the woman's genitals although it can affect men and may also appear in the mouth.

Oral Thrush

Oral Thrush can be seen as cream colored or pale yellow spots within the mouth which can be very uncomfortable; it is often accompanied by a burning, sore sensation. If you are experiencing such symptoms, a doctor should be consulted to diagnose the condition as it can mask other more serious conditions such as mouth cancer.

New born babies can develop oral thrush from picking it up during birth when passing down the birth canal. Drinks of cool water, especially after a milk feed, help to relieve the discomfort.

Other sufferers can include denture wearers, people with poor nutrition or an immune deficiency as well as those prescribed steroid medication or steroid inhalers.

Treatment is through the use of prescribed antifungal medicines that generally stay in the mouth for a while such as pastels or mouth washes.

Genital Thrush in Women

Initial genital symptoms tend to be an itching and a burning soreness in this sensitive area. This is soon followed by swelling and itching deep within. Sometimes the woman also experiences a discharge. The discomfort is such that, no matter what the sufferer is doing, it cannot be ignored.

Naturally, fast and immediate relief is desired by the sufferer. Truly effective treatment usually takes time, however bathing with cool water or soaking in a cool bath can bring relief, as can the application of nappy rash cream or a cream specially formulated for this purpose.

Long term relief may be found by applying an overnight pessary. Ask your pharmacist or medical advisor for the name of a good one. These are available both on prescription and over the counter.

Doctors may prescribe weekly pessaries or tablets for women who suffer from frequent attacks of thrush in order to put a stop to the annoying cycle.

There are several things which can cause thrush in the genital area. These may range from the use of prescribed antibiotics to the less common controlled application of chemotherapy; wearing close fitting underwear and/or tights; overly rigorous cleaning with soap of the affected area and diabetes.

It can also be brought on through bodily changes caused by pregnancy or passed on through intimate contact from one partner to another. Despite the latter, thrush is not classed as a sexually transmitted infection or STI.

Understanding the causes of thrush can greatly assist in the control and eradication of this condition. Common sense home control measures can include:

- Stop wearing tights. If tights must be worn, use crotch-less ones

- Wear loose-fitting clothing - pants/trousers/slacks or jeans

- Wear pantie liners which are renewed regularly to ensure the infection does not remain or spread. Frequently changing sanitary wear is a must

- When washing the genital area, do not use soap. Use aqueous cream or a soap substitute instead

- Be sure to thoroughly clean your hands after visiting the restroom, or try applying cream to the area affected

- Keep a cloth specifically for the genital area and boil-wash it regularly

- Refrain from using perfumed products on the genital area as these can cause irritation and encourage thrush.

Genital Thrush in Men

Although not as common as with women, men may also suffer from genital thrush. In men, it tends to show itself under the foreskin and/or red patches on the shaft. A discharge may also be noticed.

Treatment is by the use of anti-fungal creams or tablets.

Some home control measures are identical to those recommended for women. e.g.

- Wear loose fitting underwear, jeans, pants/trousers

- When washing the genital area, avoid the use of soap. Use a water based (aqueous) cream or a non-allergenic soap subsitute instead.

- Wash your hands after going to the toilet and wash or use cream on the affected area.

- Keep a cloth specifically for the genital area and boil-wash it regularly.

- Refrain from using perfumed products on the genital area as these can cause irritation and encourage thrush.

Finally, thrush and candida, though unpleasant, can indeed be controlled by good hygiene, though it may not necessarily be caused by poor hygiene itself.

Diagnosis by a medical doctor, often through a swab test, is highly recommended in order to rule out other conditions and obtain the correct medication.

About Author Peter James Field :

Peter Field is a leading British therapist with practices in Birmingham and London, England. He is author of numerous articles on psychotherapy, hypnosis and health. His unique hypnosis downloads are here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and more of his informative articles and other helpful info is on his therapy website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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