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An Interview on history and educational media

An Interview - on history and educational media   by Robert Bruce Baird

1. Can you briefly summarize why you think history is a weapon of war against people?

Briefly?, not really, except to say Sun Tzu wasnít the first to notice that propaganda was the first and most important part of conquest. Caesars won more through secret deals and blackmailing the likes of Herod and the Sanhedrin than they ever did through force of arms. We saw how guerillas work against a conqueror in Vietnam and even in Iraq at the present. I have written about fifty books. The framework for a new history that is based on forensics and science or artifacts rather than priestly power-mongers is now available.

2. But surely there are many who have written a truer history since the end of the Dark Ages?

Yes, but the destruction of libraries and the records of supposed beliefs in things like the Flat Earth or Kelts being Ďbarbariansí is still a part of current scholarship because people quote Caesarís Journals that were actually written by Hirtius or other propaganda as if these reports are actual fair reportage to some extent as they say that is all we have. Michael Parenti and others like Howard Zinn of Harvard who have often been drummed out of Universities do tell a little of what I consider is true history. There has been some earlier authors quoted in the works of Herodotus and others once considered fiction but now being supported by actual artifacts.

3. What about when war is not going on? We still get the same history donít we?

I love how Joseph Campbell described the SPIN which occurred at the start of WWII in his address called ĎPermanent Human Valuesí to the women he taught at Sarah Lawrence University. It ended up getting him branded as a Nazi by some truly sadistic government mouthpieces in the media. In any event we have always been preparing for or engaged in war as I see it.

4. I recall having read that address, it was magnificent and should be required reading for everyone and covered before every movement of government towards more conflict. But surely you arenít saying that all history is a lie, are you? Campbell didnít go that far.

No, of course not. There are always lots of facts presented along with dates and data that can boggle the mind of a good statistician. Mark Twain knew a lot about Ďlies, damn lies and statisticsí though.

5. Yes, and we recently saw how the standard operating procedure of passing the buck or Hide the Ball worked on the cover-up of the real reason we invaded Iraq and all that weapons of mass destruction Ė didnít we? But letís get into the Great Pyramid which you write volumes about. You make the point that the Ďfití of the rocks or blocks canít be explained by the scholars who say Egyptians built it as some sort of make-work program now that the slaves fiction has been thoroughly disproven due to artifacts. In fact you have built a rather intricate charge of a conspiracy to destroy and lie about these things to the point of blaming WGBH and the video called ĎThis Old Pyramidí. Can you substantiate these charges for my listeners?

I do, but it isnít done in a sound byte. Let me say this though. I saw a letter from David Suzuki of ĎThe Nature of Thingsí in response to formal factual presentations from Davidovits and Morris about how they used modern equipment with forklift trucks and hardened steel tools to make that puny Pyramid which they didnít even have the guts to admit shifted in the sand. He noted he had not been given the footage or facts that showed these things. And when it comes to Hawass and his trotting out weird alien theories or theorists as if that proves he is open to alternatives Ė THAT is pure SPIN!

6. I found the part where Archaeology Magazine was printing articles saying the Sphinx and Pyramids were mere imitations of natural landforms a little bizarre. But that poured in place theory of Davidovits which you support doesnít explain the Ďfití of the sarcophagus or the obelisks found in their quarries.

I support that as just one of the technologies they used and you are right it cannot explain a 1/150th inch tolerance in the lidless sarcophagus that never had any human remains in it. In fact no Giza Pyramid had any funerary purpose and no remains of humans have been found in them. The American Research Center in Egypt did use AMS accelerators to date biologics found inside the Pyramid in some places. These biologics like straw showed the Great Pyramid is 450 years older than the Step Pyramid which Egyptology says was built before the Great Pyramid.

7. Ok, I guess we canít cover all the other possible technologies that you and the likes of Christopher Dunn have shown could have been used. You really do have a passionate stance on the matter of Hawass and the likes of Cayce the Masonic agent and his Foundation which paid to educate Hawass and Lehner though.

I surely do have issues with liars and the Bible Narrative which ultimately justifies Manifest Destiny and blames G-d or attributes things to aliens when man is responsible for all these things. National Geographic and other Egyptologists outside that cabal have provided me with lots of good reading and I share these perspectives with my readers.

8. But you carry on about Kelts and Phoenicians to the point that it is almost impossible to imagine they really were all over the earth with the Red-headed League of Megalith Builders making the hundreds of Pyramids. And some of the uses of the Earth Energy Grid they are built to enhance which are located or aligned with; are really TOO fantastic to accept for someone who has not studied all the sources you quote.

I know that, believe me. There are no simple or true black and white answers that you can answer tests with in order to get a better grade. There are lots of good questions and I think those questions lead to us challenging the current leadership about why we arenít using free energy or Tesla Technology and many other things donít you? As to Plato and the Atlantis fiction I now have genetics to support this real history. It shows white man was in the Americas as soon as he arrived in Europe and he may even have come to Northwest Europe from the Americas; before he arrived in Central Europe and Iberia or Spain. That was 30,000 years ago just shortly after the first white men (Kelts of the Caucasus) arrived in Casiberia.

9. Yes, I do see the corporate entities and names or other linguistic proofs of older scholars are soundly backed by genetics and the forensics like the cocaine from Peru in Egyptian mummies. But I am sure most people will have a hard time swallowing that their teachers have been so disingenuous.

My first wife and lifelong significant other is a teacher-leader and activist of some standing. I totally understand the difficulties they face. Kaoru Yamamoto does a good exposé on the testing industry and the lack of teaching thinking or a Joy of Learning in the Kuiperís Social Science Encyclopedia or other articles he has written. Alfred North Whitehead gave an address at Harvard in about the same time Campbell was talking in New York to the ladies of Sarah Lawrence. He makes a good case for the kind of real education that should have been occurring as do many others since him. How can a teacher pierce the veils of propaganda and all the lies as well as baby-sit kids whose parents were never taught to teach in the first place? Is there anything more important to the future of humanity than breaking this Cycle of Violence where parents are allowed to train more deviates and dump all the same issues from generation to generation, as the system grinds down all individuality and soul?

10. Hey, I am the interviewer. I see what you mean but getting back to my question Ė why should we believe your history rather than the one we have been taught?

I ask people to consider the facts and do their own research or checking. I have the quotes from the sciences and data in the archaeological record which supports cell diffusion history Ė donít I? Most reviews from readers certainly suggest that Diverse Druids was a major impact on their view of history.

11. You say that the builders of the Great Pyramid or Ďarch-tectonsí as the Septuagint calls the family of Jesus are still connected or part of what forces really govern us today. Yet you also seem very amenable to the true teaching of Jesus. Do you really think the Merovingians and Stuart or Hesse/Battenbergs are related to the Rothschilds?

It is funny how people have no difficulty with connecting the Hapsburgs with the De Medicis and Borgia but the Rothschilds are supposed to be different and were merely good financial types. Yes, I am certain the Rothschilds were passed the whole spy network and monopoly through the adopted son of the De Medicis that goes by the name St. Germain. This monopoly that the Templars once had, included secrets of esoterics and trade in the era of Solomon or Joseph of Arimathaea and probably before Melchizedek.

12. You must get a lot of people calling you a conspiracy theorist. Your assertions leads to a person having to think their whole history has been a mere puppet show and all the wars were arranged to de-populate and keep people busy rather than finding out what really is going on.

It is highly complex and yet well-orchestrated. The last 150 years have actually been worse than any other time in history when it comes to wars and what the noted journal The Economist says is Ďinhumane bureaucracyí, which they call Ďa Napoleonic legacyí. His Ďvisioní and reason for going to the Great Pyramid should be made into a movie.

13. But he never told people what he saw and you are just speculating, arenít you?

Yes, but he was terrified and there are others who have been similarly impacted by some constructs they saw. If you read my book Hitler vs. Frabato and ĎThe Charm of Makingí I think you might agree my insight or speculation has some validity.

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