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Native American Crafts and Rugs of the Navajo People
Some people (wrongly) consider all Native American tribes to be the same. Even those who know a little about the different tribes in different geographical locations can make the mistake of generalizing the people or their craft. Take, for example, the largest tribe of Native Americans; the Navajo of southwestern USA, one must consider that these people grouped into their own societies hundreds of years ago, before anyone had the ability to travel great distances. Therefore, dozens of different...

The Jewelry of Richard Chavez from San Felipe
A man was born in the state of New Mexico who has brought happiness to many all over the world. He may not be the most well-known of artists in the world, but Richard Chavez, a silversmith from San Felipe Pueblo, near the Rio Grande in New Mexico, creates such wonderful and eye catching pieces of work that the respect he receives from his fans worldwide is totally deserved. Richard Chavez began his career in architecture, having graduated from the University of New Mexico and serving as a...

Vintage Pins by the Navajo and Zuni Tribes of America
Art is indefinable. One of the most popular forms of art is two-dimensional drawings, paintings and other pictures hung on walls as decoration, to show off, or to store away from everyone except the owner to view. Another form of art is something that is not two-dimensional and can actually decorate the owner in or out of the house. This form of art is jewellery. Forget about mainstream rings and the odd diamond that is only admired for its size and shine. Art in jewellery can take several...

Zuni Indian Pins as Wearable Art
People from all over the modern world like to adorn themselves with some shapes and colours to enhance their own appearance, or to show some kind of allegiance to a group of people whom they feel to belong to. Basically, it is fashion, whether those involved tend to agree or not. Fashion doesn’t need to be the latest designs from Milan, Paris or Hollywood. Fashion may be timeless, it can be dated and on a very small scale, it can be the latest craze, or absolutely anything in between. Take, for...

Contemporary Navajo Art in the Form of Jewellery
The native people of the United States of America are in many groups, known as tribes, but the largest federally recognized tribe is that of the Navajo. These people have suffered greatly at the hands of European settlers colonizing the lands. However, they are a strong race of people and they keep their traditions alive in as many ways that they can, one of them being their art. The best-known Navajo art form is that of making jewellery (bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc) out of silver and...

The Shoes of Sydney
One of the most trendy and fashionable cities in the world is Sydney, Australia. There could be several reasons for this, one of which is the city’s rather late development into such a cosmopolitan city. In addition, with it being the ‘gay capital’ of the country as well as the biggest city on the continent helps liberal attitudes and gives birth to hundreds of styles, ideas and cultures. Fashion is seen in many forms, clothing being the most noticeable or talked about. One part of clothing...

Are There Really High Heels for Men to Wear
Some of the most famous and powerful men in the world are, or were, a little short. Napoleon Bonaparte and Tom Cruise are just a couple of examples but I’m sure we think of plenty more. Luckily for Napoleon and Tom however, power and popularity give/gave them confidence to get on with their lives. Unfortunately, many thousands of other men today suffer either physically and socially or psychologically due to their height, or should we say, lack of it. Small Man Syndrome is not a scientific...

Printing Your Favourite Images Straight Onto Canvas Yourself
Nowadays more and more people are taking photographs than in the past. There are several reasons for this, mainly being the almost negligible running costs of digital photography and technology allowing so many of us to have built-in cameras on telephones and similar devices. In the past, not too long ago, all photographic images were captured on print film, which needs developing and then printing, or on slide (transparency) film, which just needed developing. Technology has also helped us a...

The Benefit of Digital Photos and Art on Canvas
Art is everywhere, but art means different things to so many different people. Some like paintings, others are more attracted to sculptures. Some like modern art, others don’t. One of the most popular kinds of art is paintings on canvas, The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci being the most famous example with her enigmatic smile, known by all. However, good paintings are expensive and even within a household there can be disagreement about the subject of the picture. In recent years, however,...

How is Art Affected by Advances in Technology?
With the many advances in technology, some people may worry that what we know as art, in its true form, is suffering as a result. However, others may argue that art can benefit from so many different mediums on which it can be produced. One example of modern technology helping and pushing art along is what is often referred to as art on canvas which is essentially your images from digital cameras or computers being printed directly onto sheets of canvas to be framed traditionally or on gallery...

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